3 Semester Hours

Semester/Year Fall, 2000

Instructor: Nancy G. Mims, Ed.D.
Office Location: Education Annex 151

Office Hours: Monday Tuesday Thursday 1:30-4:00
All others by appointment

Telephone: (770) 836-4441

E-mail: nmims@westga.edu or nmims@avana.net

Fax: (770) 836-4646


Prerequisite: Consent of advisor and instructor.

The aim of the directed reading is to allow a student to investigate an area not covered in existing courses. Directed reading requires research skills and motivation to acquire an advanced level of knowledge and understanding in the selected topic. An integrated report is required.


Through this course students will demonstrate progress in the achievement of two NBPTS propositions that form the conceptual framework for advanced preparation programs in the College of Education. This course will enable the student to begin the development of a portfolio that could be submitted for National Board certification.

Propositions will vary according to individual courses.


The purpose of this course is to provide a format for students to pursue advanced study. Students are expected to acquire extensive knowledge and understanding regarding selected topics in the field through review of the professional literature. By successfully completing the final report, students will demonstrate:

1. research and library skills needed to review the selected professional literature;

2. creation of a final research paper on the review of the readings;

3. knowledge and skill in the application of the APA format in writing the final paper; and

4. ability to dialogue and discuss with the instructor concepts, trends, issues, and other topics covered in the selected readings.


Required Text:

Meltzoff, J. (1998)Critical Thinking About Research: Psychology and Related Fields. Washington, D.C.: American Psycological Association.


American Psychological Association. (1994). Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (4th ed.). Washington, DC: Author.


Course Requirements:

1. Attendance: Students are expected to discuss selected readings at face-to-face and on-line sessions arranged by the instructor.

2. Prepare a review of the findings on the selected interventions, strategies, problems, or other topics which the instructor has approved.

Evaluation Procedures:

Students will be evaluated on the quality of the written reports, class discussions and quizzes.

Grading Policy:
5 articles (3 points each) 15
5 critiqes (3 points each) 15
participation 05
on-line quizzes (3) 25
final 20
literature review 20

Grades of A,B,C, and F will be given based on the stated evaluation procedures.
100-90 A
89-80 B
79-70 C
69 and below F


Classes will meet four face-to-face classes. On-line participation is expected, and Students are to contact the course instructor to arrange at least four individual meeting schedules.

Students are expected to adhere to the highest standards of academic honesty. Plagarism occurs when a student uses or purchases ghost-written papers. It also occurs when a student utilizes the idea of, or information obtained from, another person without giving credit to that person. If plagarism or another act of academic misconduct occurs, it will be dealt with in accordance with the academic misconduct policy as stated in the Uncatalog, Undergraduate Catalog, and Graduate Catalog.


8/21 first class meeting in Humanities Building: overview of course. Read chapter i in class and review first practice article.

for the next two weeks:8/28; 9/4

1. Read chapters 2-3 for meaning and discussion - for clarity- on the bullet board. and

2. Read practice articles two-five and study the critiqes for each.

September 11: We will meet in class. Before then,

3. Locate 5 articles relating to chosen subject area. four of these MUST come from research orientated journals. At least three of these should contain different viewpoints.

9/18; 9/25:read chapters 4 & 5- Chapter quizzes are available on-line

4. Begin critique of the five articles according to format indicated in practice articles. Turn in a copy of the original articles with critiques when you come for individual sessions.

10/2 in class, have read chapter 6 for discussion

10/9; 10/16. Begin writing literature review from articles collected for final inclusion in Ed.S. thesis/action research project.

7. 10/23 Discussion of chapters, as indicated in calendar, in chat rooms and in small group forums.

8. We will meet in class on November20

All papers must be turned in by November 27.

Final exam on-line by 12/1.