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Our staff is dedicated to helping students succeed in online courses and enabling distance faculty to focus on teaching rather than technology. In addition to responsive helplines and personal assistance, our staff constantly seeks ways to improve our online programs and to develop innovative ways to promote quality in online teaching and research. The extended efforts of our staff, through the Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration and an annual international conference devoted to distance learning administration, have brought widespread recognition to UWG's distance programs. The UWG DDEC staff work closely with the UWG's Extended Degree Unit in charge of the University System of Georgia eCore Administrative Services. Both groups fall under the leaderships of Dr. Melanie Clay and Dr. Donald Wagner. eCore Staff link.

Melanie Clay, Ph.D.

Melanie N. Clay Ph.D., Associate Dean of Extended Degree Programs
( Melanie's Vitae )

Melanie is responsible for leading the support staff, marketing and evaluating the distance learning program, and developing training for faculty and students involved in distance courses. She is the founder and editor-in-chief of the Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration , and the administrator of the Distance Learning Certificate Program . She holds a Ph.D. in Educational Studies from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln, a Specialist in Educational Leadership, a Master's in Public Administration from the State University of West Georgia, and a Bachelor's in Journalism from the Ohio State University. She lives in Carrollton with her husband Matthew, her teenage daughter, and their two young sons.

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Jason Huett Ph.D.

Jason B. Huett Ph.D., Associate Dean of Online Development and USG eCore
( Jason's Vitae )

Jason is a member of the distance education leadership team responsible for furthering the development, growth, and scalability of online education at the University of West Georgia. His primary focus is working with UWG faculty, colleges, schools, and departments to address distance education matters. Jason is a tenured associate professor of Instructional Technology and Design in the Educational Innovation Department. He is also an internationally-recognized and award-winning presenter and author. He holds a Ph.D. in Educational Computing from the University of North Texas. Jason is a self-professed science fiction junkie and tech geek who lives with his wife, three children, and an over-grown clown of a Boxer pup in Carrollton, GA.

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Janet Gubbins

Janet P. Gubbins, Director of Distance and Distributed Ed. ( Janet's Vitae )

A former student facilitator, Janet joined the full-time staff in January 1998. She serves as the GeorgiaVIEW Vista (WebCT) Administrator for University of West Georgia. Her responsibilities include assisting faculty with course development, overseeing services for distance students, and distance learning data management. She holds a Master's in Public Administration from the State University of West Georgia. She and her husband Craig have a young son and an infant daughter.

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Dawn Senfeld

Dawn Senfeld, UWG eCore Academic Advisor

Dawn joined the Distance & Distributed Education's staff in May 2009. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of West Georgia. She serves as an Academic Advisor for UWG eCore students, providing student support for eCore courses. She also serves as the Conference Event Manager for our annual conference on Distance Learning Administration.

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Julili FowlerJulili Fowler, UWG eCore Academic Advisor

Julili came to the Distance and Distributed Education staff in July 2009, having previously worked with the UWG Newnan Center (Extended Degree Program). Based in Newnan, she serves as an Academic Advisor for UWG eCore students, providing student support for eCore courses. Julili holds a Master of Science in Technology and Science Policy from Georgia Tech and a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from University of Arkansas. She also holds a Master’s Certificate in Project Management from the Stevens Institute.

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David LloydDavid Lloyd, Director of Online Faculty Development

David Lloyd joined the University of West Georgia in May of 2011 as the Director of Online Faculty Development. His duties include faculty training, program planning, course development and assessment. His educational background is in Information Technology as well as Instructional Design. David worked at Utah Valley University for four years before chasing the sun to Georgia. After his move to the South, he spent 6 years working with the Board of Regents as a faculty trainer for the state's Online Course Management system. He also worked full time for Georgia Southern University before finally finding his real home here in Carrollton.


Matias MarabottoMatias Marabotto, Support Specialist

Matias is a recent graduate of the University of West Georgia with a B.B.A in Management Information Systems. He joined the Distance & Distributed Education's staff in September 2009. He serves as a Support Specialist, provides telephone and face-to-face student support for online students, and technical support for professors, courses, and distance students who use web-based learning technologies.


Matias Marabotto


The E-Techs consist of a team of student and graduate assistantes in the Distance & Distributed Education Center. The E-Techs provide technical support for UWG students/faculty for CourseDen (powered by GeorgiaVIEW/Blackboard Vista), via the DE Helpline, and web-based tools. The E-Techs act as student advocates, leaders by holding community workshops, student orientations, and assisting faculty one-on-one in online course development.


Meet the E-Techs

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