The Nature of Online Learning:

The teaching offered in this course is not designed to just instruct, but to enable learners to fully participate in learning conversations. Interaction between and among students provide the power for this platform, thus students must take responsibility for creating a stimulating and engaging online learning environment. This will involve checking email on a regular basis, logging into the class website regularly to keep up with assignments and participate fully in online discussions, and scheduling regular blocks of study time each week.

Online learning generally provides considerable freedom, allowing students to often choose when and where they'll participate in class activities. But at the same time, students have the same kinds of deadlines and structured responsibilities of a face-to-face class. In other words, flexibility must be balanced by responsibility. Like a face-to-face course, online courses require that assignments be completed by due dates, attendance (via your logins to your course), involvement in online discussions, and sometimes group collaboration. Most students enjoy the active learning that online classes involve.

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