UWG ID Cards for “Distance Learning” Students

UWG “Distance Learning” Student ID Card Policies

UWG Student ID Card Form



UWG “Distance Learning” Student ID Card Policies

Eligible students:  UWG Students registered in online courses only; not attending classes at the Carrollton campus or Newnan campus.  Any exceptions must be approved through the Wolves Card Office at the discretion of the Director of Auxiliary Services.

The steps set forth to obtain a student ID via fax and email must be followed; along with the ID photo guidelines.  All requests are subject to the approval of the Wolves Card Office.

The Wolves Card Office has the right to deny distribution of any distance student ID by requiring the student to appear in person at the Wolves Card Office, University Community Center on campus. 

Any ID cards returned via the US Postal Service will be kept in the lost/found ID’s at the Wolves Card Office and students will need to pick up their ID in person.


Revised 11/1/2010