The Call for Proposals for DLA2015 is now closed.

We invite proposals on topics related to:
  • Managing growth in distance education
  • Training & support for distance instructors
  • Support for distance students
  • Budget and cost-benefit of distance education
  • Marketing distance courses and programs
  • Distance learning ethics and copyright
  • Organizational issues in distance education
  • Evaluation of distance courses and programs
  • Striving for excellence

Important Dates:

DLA2015 Conference:
June 28 - July 1, 2015
Jekyll Island Club Hotel in Jekyll Island, Georgia

Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration

Advanced Technologies for Distance Education Certificate Program
Registration Begins
November 17, 2014
Registration Deadline
February 2, 2015
Program Begins
February 9, 2015
June 2015

Distance Education Certified Trainer Program

Registration Begins
December 1, 2014
Registration Deadline
February 9, 2015
Program Begins
February 23, 2015
May 2015

Distance Education
Certificate Program

Registration Begins
January 26, 2015
Registration Deadline
April 13, 2015
Program Begins
April 27, 2015
October 2015

Social Media Marketing Certificate Program
Registration Begins
April 1, 2015
Registration Deadline
July 17, 2015
Program Begins
August 2, 2015
September 27, 2015

FishBowl Guidelines

A. Submit a 300 word overview of the topic to Melanie Clay by email no later than February 27, 2015. This will be posted in the conference website.

B. Instructions for delivering your FishBowl presentation.

1. frame the opening of the conversation
(this should take you no more than 5 minutes).

2. keep the conversation from getting too far off track
(but don't really moderate).

3. submit a written summary of ideas learned within 1 hour after the end of the session (this will be posted to the conference website).

The FishBowl works as follows. Your presentation room will be set up with a circle of 8 chairs in the center of the room. There will be two more circles of chairs around this central circle. Only those in the center circle can talk. You can ask for volunteers or select people from your audience. There will always be an empty chair in the circle. When someone from the outer circle wants to join the conversation, they may go and sit in the empty chair. When they sit down, someone else in the inner circle should leave so that there is always an empty chair left. As the facilitator, you may also select people to go and join the conversation.