M. Ed. in Ed. Leadership

The Educational Leadership major has as its emphasis in the development and application of leadership knowledge and skills essential for the expanded leadership roles of today's, and tomorrow's, school leaders. Currently, the Educational Leadership & Policy Studies department has two Master of Education in Educational Leadership & L5 Certification cohort groups underway (from the Rabun County and Catoosa County areas) via a combination of GSAMS and online participation. Additional "cohort" groups can be negotiated only if there is sufficient interest from a particular geographical area (a minimum of 12 students). Professional Leadership Certification students could join any cohort group of 12 or more. A request to the department would have to be made by the district and commitment to the entire program made. All M.Ed./ L5 ELPS courses courses are delivered via GSAMS and/or online (using WebCT). Synchronous class meeting are typically offered on Monday- Thursday evenings Monday evenings from 4:30-7:00 & 7:00-9:30pm. For more specific info. please see: contact: Dr. Gus Douvanis -

See the chart below to find out just how much of the program can be achieved at a distance...

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The Master of Ed in Ed Leadership
W= Web-delivery G= GSAMS delivery
    Summer 00 Fall 00 Spring 01 Summer 01 Fall 01 Spring 02 Summer 02 Fall 02 Spring 03 Summer 03
Area I - 3 hrs (3 hrs D possible) Research                    
EDRS 6302 (= *formerly Research Methods   80% W (Hendricks) 80% W (Hendricks)   80% W (Hendricks) 80% W (Hendricks)    80% W (Hendricks) 

80% W (Hendricks)

75% W (Hendricks)

EDRS 6401   100% G (Morgan)                  
Area II - 9 hrs ( 6 hrs D possible) Prof Studies                    
EDLE 7304 OR Admin of Ed Programs                    
SPED 7704 (= *formerly Admin of Spec Ed Programs                    
CEPD 6101 Psy Classroom Learning   90% G; 10%W (Phillips)                
EDLE 6322 Curr for Ed Leaders                    
EDFD 7303 (= *formerly Culture & Society                    
EDFD 7307 or Critical Issues in Ed 90% G;10%W (Edwards)                  
EDFD 7305
Hist of Amer Ed     90% G; 10% W (Peterson)              
SOCI 6363 Human Resource Mgmt                    
Area III - 24 hrs (12 hrs D possible) Content Specialization                    
EDLE 6312 Principles of Leadership             70% W (Mims) 70% W (Mims)    
EDLE 6314 Sch Mgmnt: Facilities, Fin, & Operations                    
EDLE 6316 School Law & Ethics                    
EDLE 6318 Human Resource Mgmnt                    
EDLE 6320 Analysis & Practice of Supervision   51% W; 49%G (Mims) 75% W (Mims)   65% W (Mims) 60% W (Mims)  70% W (Mims) 70% W (Mims)    
EDLE 6388/6399 OR Init Internship in EdL                    
EDLE 6390 Init Internship in School Processes                    
EDLE 7312 Communication & Interaction w/School Community       99% G (Maddox)            
MEDT 6462       80% W (McKenzie)   70% W (McKenzie) 60% W (McKenzie)  65% W (McKenzie)  82% VC (Epic L);  5% W (McKenzie)     
EDLE 7382 Admin of Instructional Tech Programs   51% W; 49% G (Mims)                
* course was know as different course # during some terms
21 hrs divided by 36 hrs = 58% distance

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