Teaching and Learning

[Helplet] Ethical Issues in Distance Learning [HLW Workshop]

Promoting Integrity- Making Ethical Decisions Workbook

[Helplet] PowerPointless- Waving Goodbye to Bad Presentations [Impatica Workshop]

[Helplet] Learning Styles [HLW Workshop]

[Helplet] Principles of Online Course Design [HLW Workshop]

Rubric for Assessing Interaction in Distance Learning

[Helplet] Online Exams [HLW Workshop]

[Helplet] Assessment [HLW Workshop]

[Helplet] DE Communities [HLW Workshop]

[Helplet] Retention [HLW Workshop]

[Helplet] Integrating External Content [NROC Workshop]

[Helplet] Online Course Design [BOR Workshop]*

[Helplet] Copyright Do's and Dont's [BOR Workshop]*

[Helplet] Second Life [NROC Workshop]

[Helplet] Teaching with Vista [BOR Workshop

[Helplet] Implementation of the Course Mapping Tool [BOR Workshop]

[Heplet] Digital Library of Georgia [BOR Workshop]

[Helplet] Alternative Media Access Center [BOR Workshop]

[Helplet] USG SHARE the USG Learning Object Repository [BOR Workshop]

ADA Guidelines & Tools


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