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Fall 1999 - Volume 2, Number 3

An Overview of Online Educational Delivery Applications

Many institutions of higher education (IHE) are grappling with ways to implement and manage online instruction by using local personnel and resources, purchasing some components of management, or outsourcing distance education . . .

Out of the Ivory Tower and Into the Chat Rooms -- Are We Giving in Too Much to Technology?

Once upon a time professors pondered in offices, conducted research, and lectured to students sitting in straight rows in university . . .

Development of Training and Support Programs for Distance Education Instructors

There is arguably no area more important to distance learning administrators than that of training and support for distance educators. Many educators have reached a level of understanding and experience in which they are highly confident . . .

Distance Technology: A National Study of Graduate Higher Education Programs

Distance technology continues to impact programs and teaching in higher education institutions. New delivery methods, new administrative structures and the creation of new institutions are a result of the developing technology . . .

Cognitive Styles and Distance Education

The design and application of distance learning is of central concern to many educators. Research has been conducted from a variety of perspectives in this area. However, there is not much research about how to adapt the design of distance education to students’ cognitive styles. . .