Procedure for Scheduling of GSAMS Courses

General Information: There are two GSAMS classrooms at UWG -  one room in the Newnan Center and the other one in the College of Education. Scheduling of these rooms is the responsibility of the campus Distance Education Program Coordinator. Priority for usage is as follows:

1. Credit courses delivered via GSAMS

2. Non-credit courses or seminars delivered via GSAMS

3. Courses not delivered via GSAMS

Recommended Scheduling Procedure: Long-term planning is paramount to the success of our GSAMS programs. Department chairs should meet with their College Liaisons* regularly to discuss their long-term plans for delivering courses via GSAMS.

Specific steps for scheduling GSAMS rooms and courses are as follows:

  • Department chairs and instructors (through their department chairs) should select specific remote locations for courses. Selections should be made based on student requests and needs assessments. The Distance Education Center is available for consultation regarding site selection as needed.
  • Department chairs should submit final requests for GSAMS courses to their College Liaisons at least two months prior to the bulletin deadline. Requests should include course name, remote locations and contacts, days & times of course, projected on-campus enrollment, and what portion of the course (if any) will be offered online.
  • College Liaisons will review requests and submit them to Stacey Rowland of the Distance Education at least 3 weeks prior to the bulletin deadline.
  • Distance Education will then:
  • assign each course to a room based on availability and projected enrollment (scheduling conflicts will be resolved by the Director of Special Programs);
  • schedule courses with state scheduling office and BellSouth;
  • notify College Liaisons regarding the confirmed schedule;
  • assign a facilitator to each course, and arrange instructor training.
  • negotiate written confirmations from each distant site
  • Any changes to the confirmed schedule should be communicated to the College Liaison, who will then contact Distance Education. Once the course begins, any questions or problems should be directed to Distance Education.
  • College Liaisons:

    College of Arts & Sciences: Dr. Greg Stewart

    College of Business: Mr. John Wells

    College of Education: Dr. Lynne Gaskin