Distance Education Center

The Distance Education Center is a university-wide function at UWG which serves to develop and enhance the university's ability to deliver education to students at remote locations. Through intercampus sharing of resources, the Distance Education Center facilitates collaboration among university colleges and departments to deliver quality distance instruction, faculty and student services, and initiatives.

Distance Learning is any type of education in which the learners are separated from the instructor or resources by space and time.Traditionally, students travel to a university to take a course. Through distance learning, the university goes to the student--at remote campus locations or directly into their homes. By using new technologies, classes can be enjoyed by students at many places, often hundreds of miles apart. The State University of West Georgia offers courses through two primary distance learning delivery modes: videoconferencing (GSAMS) and on-line learning (WebCT). Support services for instructors and students enrolled in these courses are managed through the Distance Education Center, located in the Honors House.

Functions of Distance Education Center

    • schedule all distance courses and facilities 
    • assist in development of distance courses 
    • provide faculty and staff training for distance teaching 
    • provide support to distance students through training, dissemination of information, and operation of telephone help-line 
    • conduct evaluation of university distance courses and programs 
    • serve as the university's central point-of-contact for all activities associated with university distance education offerings, GSAMS, the Southern Regional Electronic Campus, and the Georgia Learning Alliance 
    • ensure that university distance programs comply with SREC Principles of Good Practice and other quality standards 
    • promote and dissiminate information regarding university distance activities within university, and to outside organizations, institutions, and individuals 
    • maintain library of distance education publications, periodicals, and research 
    • administer international Certificate in Distance Education program 
    • publish The Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration 

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