WebCT Use Hits All-time High

The number of courses using WebCT has grown dramatically over the past four years, with this year's total estimated at an all time high of 532. Though the number of distance classes continues to increase by about 20% a year, the most significant growth has occurred in the number of courses using the online course tool to enhance traditional face-to-face instruction.
Since WebCT was adopted in Fall 1997, an average of 20 new faculty per term have opted to utilize the customizable tool. Most new users cite the ability to improve student-to-student and student-to-teacher communication as the biggest benefit. Many designers are using the online tool to reach out to the growing non-traditional students who appreciate the flexibility of anytime/ anywhere learning opportunities.  Others just want to find a way to more easily manage grades and disseminate information in larger undergraduate courses.

Just some of WebCT's wide variety of tools and features include: a public discussion board, real-time chat rooms, student progress tracking, group project organization, student self-evaluation, grade maintenance and distribution, access control, navigation tools, timed quizzes, electronic mail, automatic index generation, and course content searches.