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Distance Ed News

Dr. D Makes Housecalls: The DDEC has begun offering "housecalls" to faculty who need assistance with distance learning. Stacey Rowland & Christy Talley will be available to visit faculty in their offices on Monday and Wednesday mornings by appointment. Visits will be limited to 30-minutes. Support will be limited to providing assistance with WebCT course tools, demos of technologies and software (such as HorizonLive, Impatica, etc), basic course evaluation, and improvement. Faculty who need immediate assistance should still contact the distance learning helpline. Those who need in-depth training should attend weekly workshops ( or seek one-on-one training in the DDEC lab at the Honors House.

To schedule a housecall, call the DDEC at (678-839-6248). Please indicate whether you want assistance with WebCT course tools, technology demos, or an evaluation of your course.

New Impatica Software Makes Narrated Online Presentations Easy! Impatica for PowerPoint allows for easily-accessible asychronous online lectures in an audio-visual format, in order to enhance a traditional face-to-face course or to teach a fully online course. The significant differences between an Impatica presentation and others are: (1) a viewer need not have PowerPoint installed on their machine; (2) no media player plug-in is needed, only the same Java enabled browser already required of WebCT is needed; and (3) Impaticized presentations are highly compressed and thus do not tax bandwidth or take up as much server space. In addition to providing students with an alternative to text-based online learning, students taking online courses can easily make their own online presentations to their classmates (a need that has been expressed by students and faculty alike). Impatica for PowerPoint allows students to easily share a pre-recorded PowerPoint with audio, via the web or as an e-mail attachment.

Impatica for PowerPoint is currently only available on a limited basis in some Labs, for instructors and students who wish to convert their narrated PowerPoint presentations. Contact the DDEC for more information.

Sample Impatica movie on How to Add Impatica files to WebCT
Instructions on Impatica for PowerPoint

UWG Distance Education Center Sponsors Annual Conference for DL Administrators: Make your plans now to present and attend our fourth annual conference next May 23-26, 2004 at the historic Jekyll Island Club Hotel in Jekyll Island, Georgia. The symposium is specifically designed for those involved or interested in the administration, management, planning, and evaluation of distance learning programs. See for details. 

The third annual conference, entitled DLA2003 was also held at the Jekyll Island Club Hotel on June 5-7, 2003. To see all past conference highlights and survey results, go here:

WebCT Use Hits All-time High: The number of courses using WebCT has grown dramatically over the years. Though the number of distance classes continues to increase by about 15% a year, the most significant growth has occurred in the number of courses using the online course tool to enhance traditional face-to-face instruction. For up-to-date course counts and enrollment figures, see:

Important News from the Past....

UWG Distance Enrollment is Tops in University System:
The State University ranked first in distance enrollments and semester hours in the university system for Fall 1999, according to a Board of Regents Report. Click here for a complete summary.

Study Shows Widespread Faculty Acceptance of WebCT:A "Faculty Distance Learning Assessment," was distributed to UWG faculty early fall semester to measure faculty acceptance of distance education and to determine what factors motivate and inhibit distance participation. Faculty who had used WebCT for distance teaching were significantly more positive than those who had only used GSAMS. The primary factors inhibiting faculty participation in distance teaching were concern for course quality and workload. Motivating factors tended to more often be intrinsic (challenge, desire to keep up) for those who had distance teaching experience and extrinsic (release time, monetary reward) for those who had not. Click here for a complete summary

Also, read about the growth spurt that was highlighted in the past Spring 2001 DDE Report... plus faculty spotlights:

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