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Spring 2005 - Volume VIII, Number I

Preparing Instructors for Quality Online Instruction

How will instructors motivate students to learn in the online learning environment? This paper will examine new challenges and barriers for online instructors, highlight major themes prevalent in the literature related to “quality control or assurance” in online education, and provide practical strategies for instructors to design and deliver effective online instruction...

Planning and Implementing a Public Health Professional Distance Learning Program

This article describes one school of public health's effort to establish an online Master's program that serves students nationally and internationally. It examines the critical components in the design and implementation of distance education, including curriculum and instruction, management, facilities and finance, school support, technology services and support, student services, learning resources, and evaluation of the program...

Best Practices: A Triangulated Support Approach in Transitioning Faculty to Online Teaching

The English department at North Carolina State University faced a rapid, large-scale transition of a number of its professional writing courses from traditional classes to online courses. Recognizing that numerous barriers, including unresolved administrative issues, faculty resistance, and lack of training could impede this process, administrators and faculty members collaborated...

Distance Higher Education in the Arab Region: The Need for Quality Assurance Frameworks

In particular, three different structures are examined: distance education programs provided by traditional universities, open or distance education universities offering only programs from a distance, and a virtual university. Shortcomings of these endeavors due largely to the lack of quality assurance procedures and accreditation policies are examined in detail....

Literature Review – Faculty Participation in Online Distance Education: Barriers and Motivators

Information regarding attitudes and specific reasons for participation in distance education can provide insight to administrators attempting to build distance education programming while supporting faculty...

Transitioning from Brick and Mortar to Online: A Faculty Perspective

This article will present faculty perspectives and experiences in transitioning a traditional brick-and-mortar program to an online degree program...

Teaching Online - A Time Comparison

The case study investigates this issue through the use of a detailed comparison of the time required to prepare and teach a traditional course, and that required for the same course presented in an online format...

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Last modified: March 15, 2005