Uploading PPT into WebCT


1. Create PPT document

2. From "File" pull down menu, choose "Save as HTML"

3. PPT will open an wizard to walk you through the process.....

  • DO make certain that you allow for download/ Text-Only option! (see illustration)

  • Do be sure to NOT place your buttons on the bottom of the PPT slide.
  • Other choices are up to you, but the default settings usually work best.
  • Be sure to pay attention to the file location where your new HTML version is saved (see illustration).

4. Close PPT program.


1. Go look for the location where your PPT HTML file was saved … you will see that PPT generated an entirely new folder of files that now make up your presentation in HTML format (see illustration).

2. Look for the file named "index.html" and rename the file (for example, "index1.html') so that future "index.html" files in your WebCT will not overwrite each other…


1. Open WinZip

2. Choose "I agree"

3. Choose "WinZip Classic"

4. Choose "New" -- you are creating a new, zipped archive.

5. When the location box appears, make sure that you "Create in…" the same folder in which your new PPT/HTML files are present. Type a relevant but short file name that will remind you which PPT you are working with (ex, "chap1") -- this will be the name of your Zip file that will contain all the many different files that now make up your PPT/HTML (see illustration).

6. Once you are sure that you've completed the info in the location box correctly, choose the "OK" button.

7. Now you will get a new box that asks which files you'd like to "Add" to your new Zip archive? See where the file location prompt now says "Add from…" beside it…?? Make sure that the folder that is appearing is the one that contains the proper PPT/HTML files desired.

8. Once you've made sure that you are about to add the correct group of files, highlight ALL of the files that you'd like added (see illustration).

You can easily highlight all files at once:
a. select (highlight) the first file,
b. scroll to the end of the file list,
c. hold down the shift key
d. click on the last file name…

9. Once all desired files are highlighted, click on the "Add" button.

10. What will appear to you in the end is new Zip file plus all of the files included in that Zip archive.... like this....


1. Go to your WebCT course

2. Add a Course Content Module Tool for your PPT, if one does not already exist.

3. Go to "Manage Files" & upload your ZIP file into it's **very own folder**of the MyFiles directory. You need only upload your ZIP file.

4. Once your ZIP file is uploaded successfully, check the box that appears next to the ZIP file & select "Unzip" from top pull-down menu.

5. Once your ZIP file is unzipped successfully, you are done with the File Manger. Go back to your homepage starting point.

6. From your course Home page, Click directly on the Course Content Module icon that you have selected as the location for your PowerPoint presentations -- this will take you to your "Table of Contents". Select "Designer Options" from top task bar. You need only add what was once your "index.html" file to this table of contents -- adding this one file will create a starting point & index from which all other files (and thus slides) will run! To do this…

7. Select Add File (from right frame)and GO.

8. When list of file names appears in box in small frame, look for the file which now represents the PPT's "index.html" file (remember? we renamed it) -- highlight by clicking on its name.

9. If you DO NOT see your file name listed, select the Browse button (right-hand frame) to retrieve your file from your File Manager Course Files directory (as before).

10. Once the file is highlighted..

11. from bottom of frame, choose "Add"

12. If the File does not appear in your list as you would like, you may Reorganize the listing by selecting the radio button next to the file you wish to move & then using the Designer Options that appear in the lower right frame.

13. If the file is not titled, as you'd like, you may select "Edit Titles" radio button & GO ( from the Designer Options that appear in the lower right frame). Edit the title & then click "Update"

Finally, don't forget to hit Update Student View (bottom frame)