Known Issues with WebCT Vista 3 that do not exist in WebCT Campus Edition 4.1:

While it is true that Vista provides additional tools that the CE version of WebCT does not; the bottom line remains that Vista has troubling performance and usability issues.

Note added Oct 12: In a 10am meeting with the BOR yesterday I was told that they now have workarounds to many of the attached 'Known Issues' in this attached document. I was told that they would send them to me but as of yet I have not received them. Janet

·        At times the WebDAV folder client can be changed by third party software.  This change will not allow WebDAV to be set up. (Windows XP)

·        All users must have their browsers correctly configured for use with Vista or they will see symptoms like "session already running", "invalid password", "pseudo-timeout", and "unexplained exception" errors while attempting to use Vista. The specifications for Vista are more exact and difficult for users than they were for CE (example: router issues).

·        Even if the e-mail icon is not on the toolbar in a course, students can still use the feature through the e-mail icon on their MyWebCT page.  This can be a problem if students are e-mailing a faculty member in a course that does not have the icon within the course because the faculty member won't even think to check mail and the students get annoyed because they are not getting a response. The instructor would have to also disable the Mail tool from Settings (under Teach tab) from within the section in order to make it unavailable from the My WebCT mail link.
·        In Vista 3.x, the instructor can select publish when he/she grades the assignment by checking the appropriate box or by using the assignment manager.  But the student can only publish from the assignment manager which is reached from the tool bar. If the designer does not place Assignment Manager on the toolbar, the publish feature is not accessible.
·        On Vista 3, if classes were created using the GUI the Who's Online Chat works fine for them (except Mac users- see above).
If classes are created using XML the Who's Online Tool is broken.
·        Student tracking is not “live”. Tracking is updated every 24 hours.  Activity you have today will not show up until tomorrow.

·        Template system supposedly an advantage of using Vista. However, few if any actually use it. What happens in reality is that the instructor builds what he/she can beforehand (rarely has all complete) and then has to make multiple changes to the multiple sections just as he/she did in WebCT CE only worse.. worse because the instructor cannot backup a course & restore it..only admin can.. worse because instructor cannot copy sections back up as templates, would have to get admin to..  here’s an excerpt from instructions, “

Copying Sections as Templates FOR COURSE DESIGNERS


You can only make unlinked copies of sections. This means that files from the section are copied into the new template and any changes made to the files in the section are not reflected in the new template. If the source template contains links to files outside the template, those links are maintained."



Issues Specific to Mac Users


New ones added after Sept DDEC Meeting: