Distance Learning Steering Committee
Training Workgroup

November 18, 2003

Members Present: Melanie Clay, Christy Talley, Janet Gubbins, Stacey Rowland
Meeting began at 9:15 a.m.

1. Melanie stated that the purpose of the meeting was to discuss successes and opportunities for improvement with our current faculty training programs.
2. Christy pointed out that although we offer a greater number of workshops than ever before, it seems that sessions are attended by the same group of faculty.
3. Janet agreed, noting that at least half of our faculty never attend workshops, but instead come to one-on-one training.
4. Melanie said that she thinks that most workshops are still worthwhile, because they are attended by faculty innovators who like to try out new things and then teach them to other faculty within their departments.
5. Stacey said that there are a lot of faculty who say they want to come to workshops but don’t have the time.
6. Melanie asked for ideas for how we can reach more faculty and give them the training, both technical and pedagogical that they need.
7. The group brainstormed, and decided to implement a “housecall” plan.
8. Melanie suggested the name of Dr. D (for distance), and said that we could buy lab coats.
9. After more discussion, the group decided to start housecalls in January. Christy, Janet and Stacey will take turns going to the individual college departments and providing one-on-one short sessions of about 30 minutes. The calls will be limited to demos of new technologies, course check-ups (review and suggestions), and assistance with course tools. Appointments will be taken, but if there are no appointments on a given day, then “doctors” will still visit the faculty to see if they would like some assistance.
10. The housecalls will be publicized on the website and newsletter.

The meeting adjourned at 10:40 a.m.

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