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frequently asked questions about WebCT from distance learning students

Course Access

What do I need to access my online course?
How do I access my WebCT course?
Where can I access my online class?
What does my computer need for me to be able to participate in a WebCT class?
I am having trouble accessing parts of my WebCT course.
When I try to access WebCT, I get a message saying "server not responding." What's wrong?
How does Peachnet work with WebCT?
How do I change my password?
Private Mail
How does WebCT private mail work?
How do I send an attachment via WebCT private mail?
Getting Help
How can I get more help with using WebCT?
I completed the tutorial and read the FAX, but need even more help with WebCT!
General Information
What are some of the really important things to know?
What is WebCT?

What do I need to access my online course?

What does my computer need for me to be able to participate in a WebCT class?
To participate in WebCT based courses; you must have access to the following:
- a 486/66Mhz (minimum) PC with 16 MB of RAM OR a Macintosh PowerPC with 16 MB RAM or better OR any other Macintosh with a 68040 processor and 16MB or RAM or better
- 28.8 modem or better
- an Internet service provider
- Netscape 3.0 or better OR MS Internet Explorer 4.0 or later
- ability to use computer and basic software

How do I access my WebCT class?
To access your class you must be assigned a login and password. If your professor has not given you a password, you may contact the Distance Learning HelpLine at 678-839-6248 or e-mail for assistance. Once you have your password you may proceed:

1. Go to
2. Click on the red link to find the "Logon to myWebCT".
3. Your WebCT ID, also known as your "Username", is the same as your myUWG username (example: jdoe1). Do type this in all small letters.

If you do not know what your UWG assigned e-mail is, you can find it listed under "Personal Information" & then the "E-Mail" link on Banweb. If you do not know how to login to Banweb, go here:
ALSO: You need no password to search for your username here:

4. Your initial webct password is the last two digits of your birth year followed by the last four digits of your social security number. Changing your banweb password does not change your WebCT password.

REMEMBER: This information is case-sensitive.

For more information about login procedures and troubleshooting, click here.

Where can I access my on-line class?

I'm having trouble accessing parts of WebCT.
The problem is, more than likely, your Internet browser. If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, then you could suffer problems with WebCT. We suggest that you download a FREE copy of the Netscape Browser by clicking here and following the instructions.

More troubleshooting assistance is available here:

When I try to access WebCT, I get a message saying "server not responding." What's wrong?
Some school or home computer networks are set up to "firewall" or block certain types of websites, in order to prevent employees from accessing these sites. A computer firewall works like a long-distance block on your home phone. If the computer that you are using meets all of the technical requirments and can access the UWG homepage at but cannot access the WebCT site then chances are you have a firewall. Please ask whomever is in charge of your organization's computers to remove the "7900 port firewall"; they should know what this means. If the system administrator needs help, he may call 678-839-6587 for advice on removing the firewall. Also see:

How does PeachNet work with WebCT?
There are two different types of Peachnet:

1. Peachnet, the INTRAnet infrastructure that connects many K-12 schools, is administered by the Board of Regents. Students using classroom computers at their schools may experience trouble trying to get out to the INTERnet through their Peachnet because their school administrator has limited their access by installing a "firewall". If a student has this problem, they need to speak to whoever administrates their computer system and ask them to take down this "8900 firewall".

2. Peachnet is also the name for MCI's Internet Service provider (a dial-in system that USED to be administered by the same above Board of Regents Peachnet). The system defaults to Netscape 3.0, however Netscape 3.0 is sometimes not high enough to run certain WebCT tools. If the student is having trouble using THIS Peachnet, they may need to contact the Internet Service Provider directly for information on upgrading to a newer version OR go to to download a free copy of the latest Netscape browser.

How do I change my password?
Once logged on to your "myWebCT" page. "Change Password" is an option in the top right corner.

To change your password:

Don't forget to write your new password down somewhere! If your new password does not work, the problem could be that your new password does not have four characters. All WebCT passwords MUST have at least four characters in them. Noone can "look up" your password; e-mail if you need your password reset.

How does WebCT Private Mail work?
When using WebCT mail you do not even need an e-mail account; WebCT private mail is an entity within itself. After you click the e-mail icon and "Compose" your message, in the blank space provided, you will see a "Browse" button next to the "Send" line. When you click the "Browse" button, a list of the students in your class will appear. All you need to do is highlight the name (or names) of the student you wish to send the message to, click "Okay" and then "Send".

How do I send an attachment via WebCT e-mail?
IMPORTANT NOTE ON ATTACHMENTS: An attachment cannot be read by the person that you are sending it to, unless that person has compatible software. Therefore you will need to check with your professor to find out what software is acceptable to use when attaching assignments.

1. First pay close attention to where the file you want to attach is saved.
2. Log in to your class.
3. Click on the E-mail icon.
4. Select "Compose" from the menu bar to the left of the screen.
5. You may select "Browse" to select the name of the person or persons you wish to send your message.
6. Type your subject and compose a message describing the file that is being attached.
(For example: "Enclosed you will find Assignment #1 as a MS Word document….")
7. Click the "Attachments" button.
8. A small box should appear that would say, "There are no files attached."
9. Choose the "Attach" button at the top of this small box.
10. Click the "Browse" button.
11. This will take you to another box that will say "File Upload" up top.
12. Go to the proper folder where your file is stored.
DON"T BE ALARMED IF your file seems to be missing from your folder. Look carefully at the last line in the File Upload box. This tells you what File Types you are looking at. Select "All Files" using the arrow. NOW your file should appear.
13. Highlight your file name and hit "Open".
14.Click "Continue".
15.Check the box next to your file name that now appears in blue. Now click "Done".
16.You may now "Send" your message.

How can I get more help with using WebCT?
If you need help learning how to use WebCT you should complete the WebCT Student Tutorial - directions and other important info are all available here:

I completed the tutorial and read the FAQ, but I need more help with WebCT!
Call the Distance Learning Help Line at 678-839-6248 or e-mail
Access the Distance Learning Student Handbook for general guidelines for success for the distance student.

What are some of the really important things to know ?

Your login ID and password are case sensitive. In other words, if your Login ID or password contains lowercase and/or capital letters, you must type in exactly what you see. Use the navigation within WebCT to go from place to place instead of the back and forward buttons in Netscape. You must totally close Netscape in order to log out of your class. In other words, even if you have visited other sites on the web after working in WebCT, if you don't close Netscape, someone else can get into your class.

What is WebCT?

WebCT is an on-line environment which aids in the organization of course materials on-line and provides a variety of course tools and features for the instructor and students. It was developed at the University of British Columbia. Click here to go to the UBC WebCT site. Each WebCT course at UWG will be different with regards to what the instructor needs.

Last updated: December 21, 2005