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The Basics: WebCT Course Request Form

What is WebCT? Why should I use it?
Why is WebCT the chosen tool?
How do I get started?
Where do students and I go for help?

FAQ Technical Questions:
How do I import my students into the course? [Flash Viewlet] [Java Viewlet]
Restore your Backup (copy) of your old course into your new 4.1 one [Flash Viewlet] [Java Viewlet]
Why can't my students get in my class?

Why doesn't my WebCT class roster match the information on Banweb or Banner?

How do I allow a "guest" into my course?

Step 1: Note before you begin...

Vital Technical Info
7 Deadly Sins
Some exemplary WebCT courses
Online Teaching Tips
Copyright/ ADA Guidelines
Advising DE students

Principles of Good Teaching Practice

View: Ethical Issues in Distance Learning [HLW Workshop]

View: Interactivity & Communication for Online Learning [HLW Workshop]

View: PowerPointless- Waving Goodbye to Bad Presentations [Impatica Workshop]

Step 2: Plan your course... prepare your students...
Preparing Students

General Info Handout for your Students

Tips for using the WebCT Discussion Board

Attachments: Sending or Viewing in General

Tips for Taking an Online Quiz

Using the Built-in HTML Editor w/ Spellcheck

Sample Student Handout of Course Etiquette

View: Learning Styles [HLW Workshop]

View: Principles of Online Course Design [HLW Workshop]

Step 3: Post content, handouts, or lecture notes...


Post a document or file
Add multiple files formatted in a Table of Contents
Using the Built-in HTML Editor w/ Spellcheck


Add a PowerPoint presentation (PPT, PDF, Impatica, Horizon Wimba, OnCue, etc)


Add a "URL" (link to a website [HTML] [Printable PDF] (Chico State)


Use the "Calendar" tool to post important deadlines and link to content (Portland State)


Creating an Online/ Searchable & Linkable Glossary

Step 4: Know how to facilitate interaction with and among students...

Interaction Guide & Tips


Discussions: Use/ Manage via the "Discussion" or Bulletin Board [HTML] [Printable PDF] (Chico State)
Tips for using the WebCT Disscussion Board
[Flash Viewlet] [Java Viewlet]
Using the Built-in HTML Editor w/ Spellcheck


Mail: Use WebCT's Mail [HTML] [Printable PDF] (Chico State)
Using the Built-in HTML Editor w/ Spellcheck


Attachments: Sending or Viewing in General


Chat: Using Chat
Tips for Using the Chat Tool


Calendar: Use it for Interaction
Setting up the PalmPilot and WebCT calendar

Step 5: Assessments or Surveys

Assessment Tips
Promoting Integrity/Preventing Cheating Booklet (Word version) (PDF version)
#1. Rubric for Assessing Interaction in Distance Learning
#2. Rubric/ Form For Providing Participation Feedback (Word version) (HTML)

#3. Rubric: Example Discussion Area Grading Rubric

Quiz & Survey

Quizzes & Surveys: Adding [HTML] [Printable PDF] (Chico State)

Assignment Dropbox

Assignments - using the Assignment Dropbox (Montana State U)
Student Handout: Instructions on How to Use the Assignment Dropbox

Student Presentations (Portland State)

View: Online Exams [HLW Workshop]

View: Assessment [HLW Workshop]

Step 6: Further customize course, as needed...

Add another Page or Tool
Change your "Instructor" Name

Customize the Course Homepage
Customize the Course Menu

View: DE Communities [HLW Workshop]

View: Retention [HLW Workshop]

Step 7: Make sure you're ready!
Quality Checklist for Online Courses (downloadable MS Word doc)
Quality Checklist for Online Courses (HTML version)
Step 8: Add Students; Know how to manage your students and post grades...

Add Students to Course
Update Rosters
[Flash Viewlet][Java Viewlet]
Track Students
Add a "Guest" to class

Post Grades in Gradebook(Montana State)

Calculating Grades and Creating Formulas (PDF)

Step 9: End of Term Procedures

Create backups (copies) of all courses; download (save) copies [Flash Viewlet] [Java Viewlet]
Save and/or Print a copy of Students' Grades
Step 10: If you wish to teach the same course again...

Request a Course
Restore your Backup (copy) of your old course into your new 4.1 one [Flash Viewlet] [Java Viewlet]
Reset the Restored course if you wish to delete old messages, etc...

WebCT Help Index...*Visit This Page from ALT for a glossary of distance learning* 
ADA Guidelines & Tools
Add Page or Tool
Action Menu
Backup Course
Change Settings
Content Assistant
Content Compiler
Content Module
Course Map
Delete Page or Tool
Designer Map
e-Learning Hub
Equation Editor and Viewer
Global Calendar
Global Course Backups
Horizon Wimba Help
Image Database
Manage Course
Manage Files
Manage Students
Manage Teaching Assistants
My Notes
My Progress
Navigation Bar and Course Menu
Palm Integration
Quiz & Survey Module
Reset Course
Resources and References
Resume Course
Self Test
Selective Release
Share Designer Access
Student Homepage
Student Presentations
Student Tips
Track Pages
Track Students
Update the Student View

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