Online Chat Tips

- plan, organize, prepare chat thoroughly

- have practice chat sessions before the real event

- if the numbers are large use a moderator to filter questions

- send prepared private messages to latecomers

- use the chat as brainstorming, then distribute the chat text

- encourage learners working in groups to use the online chat

- send reminders for chat times, post procedures well in advance

- make sure everyone turns up to the chat room on time

- don't let latecomers get away with interrupting you

- have plenty of text snippets prepared - questions, intro, close

- only discuss one topic at a time

- set rules for questions and responses, for yourself and learner

- eg. instructor asks question, all can answer but max 2 lines

- eg. instructor asks questions, learners must wait until asked

- eg. instructor types question, learner types 'A' if they want

to answer and then waits for the go ahead from the instructor

- learners can also type 'Q' if they have a question, or 'C' if

they have a comment, and then wait for instructor

- be strict with the time. Start on time, close on time

- read the chat text after every session for a different view


Once more - plan, organize, prepare chat thoroughly

HAVE A BACKUP PLAN (see our UWG WebCT Back-up Plan).