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What is WebCT?

WebCT is a tool that facilitates the creation of sophisticated World Wide Web-based educational environments. It does this in three ways:
1.It provides a consistent interface allowing the design of the presentation of the course (color schemes, layout, etc.)
2.It provides a set of educational tools to facilitate learning, communication and collaboration.
3.It provides a set of administrative tools to assist the instructor in the process of management and continuous improvement of the course.
WebCT is a tool built by instructors for instructors. It was built by educators at the University of British Columbia as a tool to allow other educators to build sophisticated Web-based learning environments without a lot of time, resources or technical expertise. WebCT is pedagogically neutral. Its goal is to provide a set of tools useful for a broad range of teaching methodologies, yet make it easy to experiment with new techniques.

What do you want to do with WebCT?

Augmenting a face-to-face class to a good place to start. Consider developing your WebCT site the semester before you want to implement it in your face-to-face class. For many people augmenting face-to-face instruction is all they want to do with WebCT. It can be a powerful tool in that respect.
If your eventual goal is to teach a fully online class, consider the following recommendations to make sure you are ready:
1.First, use WebCT to augment a face-to-face class for at least one semester.
2.Then, spend a semester fully developing all the content for your online course. It’s definitely not a good idea to be generating content for a course at the same time you are trying to use the course to deliver online instruction. You should have the course “in the can” before any student ever sees it.
3.Take the fully developed course for a “test drive” at least one semester before you go fully online with it. This will allow you to fine tune the course while you still have face-to-face contact with your students.
4.After the course is fully developed, and you’ve taken it for a test drive, then you are probably ready to go online.

What might I do with the tools WebCT provides?

Increase student-student contact (for collaborative or project based learning)
You might use these WebCT tools:
  • chat
  • e-mail
  • discussion
    Increase access to course related materials (syllabus, handouts, study guides, lecture notes)
  • Syllabus builder
  • Content module
  • Adding a single html page
    Highlight student work for other class members to see
  • Student presentations
  • Student homepages
  • Give students anytime access to practice tests or reading questions
  • Survey
  • Content module

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