HTML Editor in WebCT 4.1

The HTML Editor works more like a word processor than like the plain text that you used in previous versions of WebCT. That is to say, you may now use font size, color, bold, and italics in:

- Discussion Messages
- Private Mail
- Creating Course Content in HTML
- Customizing Your Home Page

without having to actually know how to code HTML!

To start the HTML editor, click the HTML Editor button.
It will take a second or two to load. (MAC users may take longer)

Most of the icons should already be familiar to you from other word processing programs.
If you are not sure what an icon is, place your cursor over it and alt text will appear, describing the button's function.

There are some new functions that non-html useres may not be familiar with.
One is Headings. H1 is largest and H7 is smallest.

If you are using foreign languages or words, you may want to familiarize yourself with the character map tool.
character map symbol
You may use this tool to insert symbols, such as the Yen symbol ,"", the Registered symbol, "", or foreign characters, such as "" or "".

Another tip has to do with returns.
If you hit enter, it will skip a line.
If you want your text on the next line without skipping a line, use Shift+Enter.

Copyright State University of West Georgia Distance and Distributed Education, Kevin Hemphill (on behalf of Janet Gubbins) 2004