WebCT 4.1: File Attachments


The Attachment option allows you to include any files on your hard drive in discussion or mail messages. The process for attaching files to mail and discussion messages is identical. Keep in mind that when the recipient downloads the file, they will need the correct software for viewing or editing the file.

Attaching Files

  1. From either the Discussions or Private Mail, click Compose Message to create a new message.

  2. Click Browse... in the Compose Discussion/Mail Message window to open the file upload window. If you know the path and file name to the desired file, you can type it directly in the text box to select a local file.

If you cannot see the file you want to attach, select All Files from the Files of type drop down menu.

  1. After selecting the desired file, click Open.

  2. Click Attach File in the Compose Discussion/Mail Message window to attach the file.

    The Compose Discussion/Mail Message window should now have the file listed similar to the screen below. Repeat the process for additional files or if you do not want to attach one of the files on the list, click the check box next to the file name and then click the Remove attachments button.

You can click the hyperlink filename to view the contents of the file.

Viewing Attachments

A message containing attachments will have a See Attached icon (a paperclip) to the left of the message in Discussion Messages or (after clicking on a mail message) to the left of a mail message.

  1. Click the paperclip icon to open the view attachments window:

The view attachments window is divided into two frames. The left frame lists atttachment filenames and the right frame shows a preview. To view a file, click the filename.

  1. To download an attachment, select the file by clicking the radio button to the left of the file name and then click the Download button.

  2. Press the Close button to close the view attachments window.