How to add documents to your WebCT Content Module

What is a Content Module?

WebCT course content consists of a number of pages of content such as lecture notes, multimedia presentations, assignments, and quizzes. You organize the content pages into a Table of Contents, which provides students with a guide to the sequence of study for the course content. The hierarchical structure also makes it easier for students to find specific course content. (See Table of Contents for more information). You create the Table of Contents by adding headings and subheadings. You can then add content within this hierarchy by adding files of content. These files appear as links in the Table of Contents, which provides students with easy access. When a student clicks a link in the Table of Contents, WebCT displays the content pages that you have created.

What do you put there? Here's an example:

1. Create document & Save As HTML… Fix any formatting & re-save

option 1. You may use the "Save as HTML" or "Save as Web Page" feature available in MS Office -- BUT don't do so without reading this warning:

a. Open the word document.
b. In Word XP, go to Save as Webpage option BUT when the Save as box pops up, be sure to save as file type: webpage, filtered.
c. Edit as desired.
d. Re-save as appropriately named file (should be descriptive enough so that a year from now you will know at a glance what this file contains; Use underscores instead of spaces; try to avoid caps).

option 2. Copy and paste Word content to Netscape Composer:

a. Open Word processed document
b. Copy all desired text
c. Open Netscape > go to Communicator men > select "Composer" to open a free HTML (webpage) editor
d. Paste the text on the blank Composer page
e. Edit / fix formatting as desired
f. Save! (your document will be saved as an HTML and ready to upload!)
<For a more complete tutorial, see >

option 3. Use the HTML Editor built into WebCT 4.1 CE

2. Copy (upload) document from your computer to WebCT course server via File Manager

Log in to Course

Click on the Control Panel button in the top left of the window.

Click on the Manage Files button (middle of the page).

Next to the "My Files" directory heading, click the check box to select this directory (or other) as location.

Select theUpload button in the right hand frame.

Choose Browse, find File location, click on document's file name to highlight, & select Open (this should put file location string beside the Browse button (bottom frame) & ready to upload

Select Upload (at bottom)

If you can see the file, you did it!

Once uploaded, you are now finished with the File Manager so…. Click Home (breadcrumbs)

3. Link document to Course Content Module on WebCT Home Organizer Page

From your course Home page, Click directly on the Course Content Module icon/ hyperlink that you should have already added to your page

Now select the Designer Options tab from your top status bar

Select where you want the file to be in your table of contents by choosing a radio button to the left in your documents you have so far. For example, in the image above, the file needs to be placed between Section 1 and Section 2. Therefore, we select the radio button next to Section 1.

NOTE: If you have NO documents, choosing a radio button is not an option.

Select Add Files button (from right of page)

When list of file names appears in box in the main page, look for your file and highlight by clicking on its name. If you DO NOT see your file name listed, select the Browse button (below the box) to retrieve your file from your File Manager My Files directory (as before). 

Then, from the options below the box, choose Add

If the File does not appear in your list as you would like, you may Reorganize (move files up, down, or indent…) by using the “Designer Options again.

If the file is not titled, as you'd like, you may you may Edit Titles by using the “Designer Options again!

Finally, don't forget to hit Update Student View (in right-hand panel)

Copyright State University of West Georgia Distance Education Center, Kevin Hemphill, DE Assistant (on behalf of Janet Gubbins), 2004