Here are the instructions for setting up the PalmPilot and WebCT calendar:

Go to and download the LinkWebCT software.
Unzip the downloaded file, and run setup.exe

Exit HotSync Manager if you have it running, then restart it.
Hotsync your Palm to install LinkWebCT on it.

On your Palm, open LinkWebCT. You will need to fill in the server, port,
UserId and password field:
The server name is
You do not need to include the http://
The port number is 7900
The UserId is your webct user id
The password is your webct password
Click Save.

Using your web browser, go to & login.
On the mywebct page, click Global Calendar
On the Global Calendar page, click Customize
At the bottom of the Customize page there is a section called 'Customize
Course List'. Fill in a short Course Identifier for each of your webct
classes. This is the name that will show up in the PalmPilot Calendar.
Click Update when you are done filling in Course Identifiers.

Perform another Hotsync using a PC that is connected to the internet. Your
WebCT global calendar be downloaded to your Palm DateBook. Please note
that WebCTLink only downloads the global calendar to your Palm, no
information from your Palm DateBook is uploaded to WebCT.