What does it take to create a "Five Star" online course?

This site was created to help instructors and other online course designers understand the components that go into making an exceptional online course. We hope that you find the rubrics and examples contained in this site helpful and we encourage you to use any information found here in your courses!

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Course Introduction and Information   Learning Materials and Content
Course contains extensive information about being an online learner and links to campus resources. It also provides a variety of course-specific resources, contact information..More   Course is well-organized and easy to navigate. Students can clearly understand all components and structure of the course. The syllabus identifies..More
Assessment and Evaluation   Instructional Design and Interactiong
Course offers ample opportunities for interaction and communication student to student, student to instructor and student to content. Goals are clearly defined and aligned..More  

Course has multiple timely and appropriate activities to assess student readiness for course content and mode of delivery. Learning objectives, instruct..More

Course Technology, Innovation and Accessibility   Additional Resources
Course uses a variety of technology tools to appropriately facilitate communication and learning. New teaching methods are applied and innovative enhance..More  

Instructor offers multiple opportunities for students to give feedback on course content. Instructor offers multiple opportunities for students to give feedback on..More