Sample alternate plans and responsibilities in the event of technical difficulties

In the event that CourseDen is down or you have technical difficulties

Help for Faculty & Students:
UWG Distance Ed Helpdesk - / 678-839-6248/ via Pronto (see info on new Pronto service: )

24Hr Online Support Center - available 24 hrs a day/ 365 days a year:
Go to to search for answers - or click on Request Support & Contact Us for live chat and toll-free phone# options.

More info on orientations for students, faculty workshops, tutorials, etc. is available linked from .

Contact the Distance Ed Helpdesk if you would like help providing an orientation to your students (we have many options, including a module that can be imported into your course and live sessions.

Faculty and students can also drop in the Distance Ed Faculty Development Center ( located in the Old Auditorium, between Business and the LRC - look for a blue awning- directly across Back Campus Drive from the Library.)

It is the student's responsibility to:

  1. Check to make sure it is not your computer or internet connection. (Try to logging in to another web site and try to login to MyUWG.. the problem is possibly on your end. Try to login directly to , not using a Bookmark, Favorite, or other route). 
  2. Do the Browser-Tuneup at and follow guidelines to adjust computer, pop-up blocker, and browser settings.
  3. Check the status page to see if our server is down -
    ** Help us communicate to your students/ Remember that CourseDen goes down every other Friday:
    CourseDen goes down every other Friday 10pm-Sat 7am - During this time, the Board of Regents conducts maintenance & CourseDen service is temporarily unavailable. For a full calendar of dates and times, refer to this link:
    Check your due dates to make certain that your courses do not having any work or quizzes due during these maintenance windows (or on any Fri evening, just to be safe :-)
  4. E-mail instructor with details of your problem IF problem is preventing you from completing a timed quiz/test or handing in an assignment that is due very soon.
  5. Call the UWG Distance Learning Helpline at 678-839-6248 with details of your problem regardless of what it is interfering with. Make CERTAIN that they open a helpdesk ticket for you (get a helpdesk ticket #), because I may try to verify the occurrence or follow-up. If noone is available to take your call, call the After-Hours number below:
  6. Phone *After-hours Online Support Center: Toll Free Number: 1-866-588-5293 - they are available 24 hours a day/365 days a yeat. *Make sure you mention that your course is hosted on the University of West Georgia 's CourseDen Server at and make CERTAIN that they open a helpdesk ticket for you (get a helpdesk ticket #), because I may try to verify the occurrence or follow-up.
  7. Try to access class again in a few hours and continue until problem is resolved.
  8. Understand that no excuses will be accepted if you do not open a helpdesk ticket with one of the helpdesks above, at the time of the occurrence. (so print these phone# and keep them handy in case you cannot get online :-)

It is the instructor's and/or UWG's responsibility to:

  1. Inform students of planned outages.
  2. Schedule make-up tests in the event of an unplanned outage.
  3. Provide 24 hr support via the helpdesks noted above.
  4. Offer assignments and tests in a suitable timeframe or medium.
  5. Respond with grades and/or feedback in a consistent and timely manner.
  6. (you could specify how often you will be online - for example, something like, "I will respond to mail messages with 24-48 hours, not counting weekends. I will be available most weekday evenings (Mon - Thur) via Pronto, around 9-10pm. Etc, etc. etc...)