To Copy to Your New Course:


When your new course is created in Banner and shows up on your CourseDen Course List, you will have to apply your “copy” to the new course.

Example: Summer Semester Biol 2017-01 appears on your instructor course list.

course list

Click the Link for your course,

The first time you have logged on to build/edit the course, you will see something like this:

copy content

Choose the 2 nd option: “Copy content from another course Select from courses in which you are enrolled as a designer.”

- This action will initiate the copy process and then this screen will appear:

future use courses

Simply select the course that you need to copy and hit continue at the bottom of the page (All copies from migration will have a format similar to: DEPT_CourseNumber_For/From Semester_Faculty Name)

*** Make sure you select the correct course to be copied into the section before you hit continue***