Backup/Course Migration Request Form

**Important** - Faculty will lose access to WebCT Vista 3 after February 23rd.

This form is to be used only for creating backup or migration copies of WebCT Vista 3 course materials to be placed into CourseDen. Any course that you will need in a future term must be copied over to the CourseDen system using this form. This process will create a backup copy that youas an instructor will be able to apply to any future term course in CourseDen

** If your course that you need backed up is cross-listed, make sure you indicate this in the additional notes.

Please fill out all fields with correct information. Any request containing incorrect or inadequate information may result in your materials not being copied over to CourseDen.


Master (Template) Course Information
* - Please list here the course section that you'd like to use as the official Master (Template); it should include all of the content and tools you previously built and would like to copy/reuse now in another section(s).

Instructor's First Name:
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Faculty ID Number (917) :
Instructor's Email Address:
Master (Template) Course Info: Prefix: Number: Section: CRN:
Semester Used
Any additional notes:


Inital that you have read and understand the following:

This is just a backup.

When you are ready to use the backup to create a future course, the first time you login, you will need to follow these instructions:

Migrating Course from Vista3 to CourseDen (Only to be used after course is up on your course-list & backup/copy is created)

This request may take 2-5 work days to complete.

* Required