This page contains important downloads for use with CourseDen. Each download will contain an explanation, say its importance to CourseDen, and link to the file. If you are unsure whether you have each component, you can either use the testing section for the download or use this browser checker.

Internet Browser - Importance: MUST HAVE

Explanation: An Internet Browser is the basis for using the Internet. Through it you will access CourseDen. If you can view this page, you are using an Internet Browser. We have included links to download two of the most popular: Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Suite. Other browsers are also available, but they're not as compatible with CourseDen. Cost: Free.

Download (Windows Only) : Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 get IE

Download (Windows Only): Firefox 3.6.24 or Firefox 5.0 firefox icon

Download (Windows Only): Google ChromeChrome
Java Plug-In - Importance: MUST HAVE.

Explanation: Java is a plug-in that allows Java applications and applets to run. CourseDen makes extensive use of Java. Therefore, Java is a must have. There are many different run-times (versions), and the link below is to the version that works best with CourseDen. Cost: Free

You will need Sun Microsystems Java Runtime Environment (JRE) software version. JRE version 6 (1.6.31) is strongly recommended.


Download (Windows) **New** Java Version 6 Update 31 get java

Download (Macintosh Only): Java Plug-In get java

Download (Linux Only): Java Plug-In get java


Want an older version of Java? Follow this link for a repository of versions get java


Test your Java: If you can see the Java version your Java is working:


RealPlayer Plug-In - Importance: Recommended

Explanation: Many courses make use of streaming audio and/or video. Much of these uses the Real format. In order to view these streams, you must have RealPlayer installed. Cost: Free.

Download (All platforms): RealPlayer get Real

Adobe Acrobat Plug-In - Importance: Recommended

Explanation: Many courses make use of the Portable Document Format (.pdf) from Adobe. To view these files, you'll need the Adobe Acrobat Reader. Cost: Free.

Download (All platforms): Adobe Acrobat Reader get acrobat reader

Microsoft Powerpoint Viewer Importance: Recommended (If you don't have Powerpoint)

Explanation: If you need to view Powerpoint (.ppt) documents or shows, and you don't already have Microsoft Powerpoint, you will need to get the viewer in order to view and print the slideshows. Cost: Free.

Download (Windows Only): Microsoft Powerpoint Viewer get powerpoint viewer

Macromedia Flash Plug-In Importance: Recommended

Explanation: Macromedia Flash content is all over the Internet. From banners and ads to multimedia course presentations. To assure you can view this content, get it now. Cost: Free.

Download (All platforms): Macromedia Flash Player get flash

Test for Flash Player. If you can see the Wolf, it's working .
Apple Quicktime Plug-In Importance: Optional

Explanation: Quicktime allows an additional type of video or audio to be used in CourseDen. Cost: Free.

Download (Windows / Macintosh Only): Apple Quicktime get Quicktime


CourseDen Student Orientation Learning Module

Download Instructions for Importing the Learning Module into CourseDen

Download Learning Module for CourseDen