Course Genie

Using Course Genie

Course Genie is designed to turn Microsoft documents into html files that can be viewed and edited using CourseDen.

Course Genie has several functions that are outside the scope of this document, for instructions on these advanced features please consult the course genie help files. The guide below details the process of creating a simple document.

  1. Open the word doc you wish to convert to HTML and start Course Genie. Course Genie can be found in the Tools menu of Microsoft Word. (see right)
  2. Now that you have Course Genie open you will be able to access the different CG styles. Click on the Format menu button and select Styles and Formatting. This will display the different formats available for your document. (see left)

  3. The first thing to do is select the Title for the HTML pages. This will be the title for your HTML document. Find the title on your word doc and highlight it. Once you have done that find the cgPageTitle style from the style menu.

  4. Once you have selected your Title you MAY need to configure the Course Genie options, depending on what you want to do. IF you want to create one single page with no Table of Contents or navigation, then click on the Course Genie menu and select settings (see right).

  5. Once you have the settings dialog box open, click on the Navigation tab and Uncheck Generate Index Page. Also Uncheck the add Navigation button Options. (see below)

  6. Now click on the Content tab and make sure that Normal Html is selected. If you would like to create a Learning Module using Course Genie you will need to select the WebCT IMS option. Once that is done click the ok button on the bottom of the dialog box. (Do not use the WebCT specific html option)

  7. You are now ready to create your html files. On the Course Genie Menu select “Generate Course”. A dialog box will pop up asking for a location on your hard drive to save the output files. Select the appropriate directory and click ok.

  8. Once Course Genie has finished converting your document to html you will be able to preview the output. You have now created a basic html page that can be uploaded to CourseDen and added to one of your learning modules.

Note: If you created a Learning Module Package the file name will contain a _IMSWCT suffix, for example my