iMod - Interactive Media Object Development Tool

For faculty looking for ways to offer interactive and fun assessments into their online classes, there is a free tool provided by the University System called iMod. The Interactive Media Object Development (iMOD®) tool is an easy-to-use software tool which enables faculty to design and create distinct, multimedia, interactive, learning activities for use in online or face-to-face instructional environments.

There is a built-in equation editor and fourteen types of assessments that can easily be built using a fill-in-the-blank wizard, including virtual flash cards, timelines and image maps:

  1. Association Selector
  2. Basket of Items
  3. Drag and Drop
  4. Flip Card
  5. Vocabulary
  6. Image Map - Hotspots
  7. Image Map - Drag and Drop
  8. Paragraph Sequence
  9. Situation-Based Sentence
  10. Timeline
  11. Hotwords
  12. Sentence Formation
  13. Dialog Drag and Drop
  14. Image Map - Rollover

Click here for an example of a "Drag and Drop Basket" made in iMod

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