Impatica for Powerpoint

Uploading the Impatica files

How to upload Impatica to CourseDen:

Once you have coverted the PPT into an Impatica file and saved it.

-Next you will login to CourseDen.

- Go into you course and once inside click on FILE MANAGER

NOTE: You may want to create a folder name 'Impatica files' or something similar.

Next UPLOAD three [3] files that Impatica created. Impatica will output 4 files, but you only need 3 to upload.

imp.jar (upload)
.html (upload)
ImPlayer333-Video.jar (upload)

Next to add the presentation to either the Home Page, Organizer, or Learing Module,
in Build/Basic View:

a. Choose the learning module, organizer page or place the file on the homepage. Select Content File from the ADD TO... menu.

b. Choose select file. Select the html file from the files (or folderS)
displayed, then click Add Selected.

c. The Impatica presentation can now be previewed. Go to STUDENT VIEW or select
PREVIEW to test it.

NOTE: You can not veiw the Impatica presentation in the file manager. You can only view it once
you have set up the content file, organizer, or Learning Module.

You can also upload Impatica files to a Web server.

  • If you are familiar with FTP, you can simply use your standard FTP program to upload the three relevant files (extensions are .html, -imp.jar, and .jar).
  • If you are not familiar with FTP, you can use Impatica for PowerPoint's built-in FTP utility to upload the correct files.

After you upload the files to your Web server, you must provide a URL, or link, to the presentation (the .html file); this link can be e-mailed directly to class members or posted anywhere in the WebTycho classroom. This upload method allows recipients to view a streamed version of your presentation.

You can also e-mail your translated presentation as an attachment. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Select the "new Impatica file format (-imp.jar)" on the Output Files tab. Impatica for PowerPoint will  write out your impaticized content into a single, self-executing .jar file. 
  • Attach the resulting "-imp.jar" file to an e-mail message. 

When recipients of the message wish to launch the presentation, they need only double-click the -imp.jar file attachment, and a downloaded version of the presentation will play automatically.