CourseDen Helplets and Information

CourseDen Basics

Getting to CourseDen
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Vista Login & Password

Developing Course Materials

Intro to Vista Design

Build a Syllabus

Build a URL

Build a URL

File Management

Build Content Files

Build Content Files

Build Learning Modules (folder with multiples files and tools)

Customize Course Design

How to add descriptions to your course links

Using the Content Inventory

Developing Communication Tools

Build a Calendar

Build Chat/Whiteboard

> How the new chat interface works

Build Discussion

Create a gradable discussion

Selective Release of a Discussion

Developing Assessments & Assignments

Build Assessments

Access Question Database /Create Questions/ Create Assessment

Create a True/False Question

Create a Multiple Choice Question

Create a Paragraph Question

Add more questions to an assessment

How assessments are graded in Vista 3.0

How assessment settings work

How assessment reporting works

Grade by question & grade anonymously

Build Assignments

Managing a Section

Intro to Teaching in Vista

Automatic Denying Student Access to CourseDen Vist


Set Selective Release Criteria

File Management in a Section Created from a Template

Manage Communication Tools

Using the HTML creator

Convert nongradable discussion into gradable

Grade a gradable discussion

Edit Content Files / Other Items in a Learning Module

Print and save files offline

Deleting Files from your email Attachments Window


Manage the Gradebook

Highlight a row

Freeze columns in the gradebook

View statistical data on a grade column

Manage members under each tab

How denied students appear in the gradebook

Export grades & send e-mail in the gradebook

Rearrange columns in the gradebook

Manage Learning Groups

Creating Groups and Managing them

How to create a sign-up sheet for groups

Create a Group Discussion area or Group Assignment

Assessment Manager

Assignment Dropbox