Adding Members

When building your course, you may want to add members to your class.
When you add guests, access will depend on what role you give them as members.

Remember: the system does not process student drops or withdraws; it only adds students.

Here's a step by step tutorial of how to Enroll A Member:
After getting the person's user name,
Open your class and go to the Teach Tab,
Click on Grade Book (you'll see something like this after you click the link):

Click on the Enroll Members Button and this will bring you to a separate screen.
Enroll Members
•  Add the student by typing in their user ID (their user ID is the same as the beginning of their West Ga student e-mail. For example - if
their e-mail address is then you type in jderby2,

Hit Add..

The screen should refresh and look like this:

After making sure all information and roles are correct,

Click Save.