Common Vista Issues

Most Common Gotchas
  • When entering grades in the Grade Book, be sure to save often - the Grade Book times out after 5 minutes and work is lost.

  • The "Comments" box in the Grade Book is for your own private comments - it is NOT a mechanism for providing comments to your students. Instead, click your students name and send them mailed comments - or - use the comments box in the Assessment or Assignment tool.

  • Be sure to use either the Build or Teach tab when posting to the Discussion Board or send Mail messages; if you are on the Student View tab when you post or send messages, the name displayed will be your "Demo/ Sample Student" identity and not your real name.

  • Students will automaticlly be denied access to CourseDen course for non-payment of courses. Click here for more information.

  • Use the Student View tab to test your own Assessments and Assignments, in order to make sure the settings and the grading are as you intended.

  • Tracking info is 24 hours behind: If you want to see if someone logged in today, you'll have to check tomorrow.

  • Write down/remember that the direct URL for Vista is: - that way, if the UWG websites go down then you can still get to your course on the state server.

  • Student grade book/ roster is 'incorrect'? Vista does not sychronize with Banner automatically; you can manually add or remove students (Teach tab > Grade book).

  • Can't open an MS Word, Powerpoint, or PDF? Internet Explorer has built-in security that prevents this; try another browser or hold down the CTRL key before and during opening of the file/link.

  • Test access to your audio/video files; sometimes they will not open unless embedded in an HTML page (it depends on the type of file and whether attached or not).

  • To learn how to remove old attachments from email attachments list. Watch video to see how.Click here for Video.

  • For 24-hour assistance and a searchable FAQ site, go to