Commonly Asked Questions

How Do I Log in?
What is the Course List?
Want to Give the System a Try?
How Do I get Help?

How do I log in?

Your "Username" = your myUWG e-mail username
(ex: jsmith12).

Click here to search for your myUWG assigned e-mail username/ System ID and Password - Put in either your SS# or your student 917#, in order to do the search.

At the start of every term, your initial default "Password" is the last two digits of your birth year followed by the last four digits of your social security number. However, if you change your myUWG password, or Banner Password PIN, your System password will not change.

If you need help, contact or 678-839-6248 or go to the After Hours Helpdesk available 24 hrs a day/ 7 days a week - go to and click on Request Support


What is the Course List?

The Course List is the main screen for accessing System tools and functions. Your Course List homepage is accessible from anywhere in any course. Your Course Listis organized into three main areas: The top header, the toolbar, and the lower main screen.

Top Header : contains the System Logo and general links including your Course List Link, Change Password, Help, and Log Out.

Toolbar : Contains a greeting, links, ansd icons.

Lower main screen : contains the channels of tools and functions associated with your courses.


System Tutorial for Students

To give the System a try:
go to (This link is to CourseDen)

username: uwgguest
password: uwgguest


How Do I Get Help

Go to: * . The Online Support Center is open 24 hrs/ day - 365 days a yr .

Once you have arrived at the site you may sort through the column on the left to find an answer to the problem you are having. Tou may also do so by clicking on "knowledge base".

If you are stiil having problem click on the "Request Support" tab in order to talk to someone by phone or chat.

After clicking on the "Request Support" tab you will have two options.

- Submit a Ticket: Submit your help problem to the Online Support Center via email .

- Contact Us: Contact the Online Support Center via telephone.

If you are still having trouble please feel free to contact us.