Student Rosters

When looking at the Gradebook in the system, you may notice that your rosters don't match up. Instructors must compare their rosters with Banner / Banweb rosters and remove or deny access to students no longer registered in their courses.

This could be because the student dropped/added the class. The system does not process student drops or withdraws; it only adds students. In any case, you can add or remove students from your roster in your gradebook.

IMPORTANT:   DO NOT deny access or remove the Demo Student. This 'person' is you (when you click on the Student View tab). If you deny access or remove this student you'll lock yourself out of the class.

This tutorial will walk you through the process of Adding/Removing Students:

Here is a screen shot pointing out all that you need to notice:

If you would like to Add a Member to your Roster: Adding Members Tutorial

If you would like to remove a member from your class:
Click the checkbox next to the student(s) you would like to remove and click Deny Access
Once you do that, the screen will refresh and the names will not longer be on your Roster!

Note: While you have the option to "Remove member" - we do not recommend this option unless you are POSITIVE this student is not coming back (sometimes students are dropped for non-payment or financial aid issues, only to be added back later). "Remove Member" deletes the student, deletes all of their tracking, deletes all of their work, and we would not be able to retrieve this lost data should the student ever be reinstated back into the course (as does sometimes happen) or should they challenge a grade.