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Upgrade to CourseDen


We are currently in the process of migrating courses from CourseDen Vista 3 to the newer version 8. The new version will be called CourseDen and is powered by CourseDen Vista/GeorgiaVIEW. Improvements include:

Migration Options

For faculty, there are several ways to migrate your files to the new Vista 8 servers. The solution that is right for you will depend on your course and its contents. The DDEC is committed to making this migration as painless as possible, assisting with weekly drop-in lab sessions across campus. Distance courses/faculty will be top priority.

CourseDen Tutorials

CourseDen (powered by CourseDen/GeorgiaVIEW) offers many new and updated features. These tutorials will help you navigate your way around the new system.

Blackboard's CourseDen Info / Videos

These videos come straight from BlackBoard and will help beginners navigate through CourseDen (These are intro tutorials only)