Available WebCT Tutorials


WebCT Tutorial for all Users -

Whether you are a designer or a student, "ABC's for WebCT 3.0", will help you learn and practice the use of the most widely used WebCT tools. All *registered* students should automatically have this course listed on their private "MyWebCT" course listing. All those who do not have automatic access to the tutorial course, please e-mail distance@westga.edu for an account.

Student Tour-

The student tour may be accessed via this URL: http://webct.usg.edu/student_tour/StudentTourFolder/intro.html

Designer Tutorial -

To access the WebCT 3.0 Designers' tutorial see: http://about.webct.com/prod/docs.html#d1 NOTE: To complete the Getting Started tutorial you will need access to a blank WebCT course.You can create your own Demo course here: http://v3trials.webct.com/freetrial/


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