What is Web DAV?

Web DAV is a protocol that allows convenient connectivity between a remote server and local workstation. Web DAV can now be used with WebCT 3.8 to provide true "Drag and Drop" file transfer capabilities.

Drag and Drop File Transfer

This helpful improvement to WebCT 3.8 allows course designers to connect directly to the “My Files” folder in their WebCT course. This feature will provide drag and drop capabilities for designers, which will speed file transfers and ease course maintenance issues. This can be accomplished by mapping a network folder (Windows XP, 2000), mapping a Web Folder (Win 98), or by using a Web DAV application called Goliath (Mac OS Classic).

WebCT & Dreamweaver 4

File transfers are now possible within Macromedia Dreamweaver 4. This allows course designers to design pages and upload them on the fly directly to the “My Files” section.

However,  GRAs, SAs or anyone else trying to design a WebCT course cannot use a UWG lab computer if they wish to use WebDav (labs are not configured to allow the necessary network privileges.)

How to find your Web DAV URL Information

For all methods of Web DAV connectivity:

    Log into your WebCT account as a designer.

    On the “MY WebCT” page click on the Web DAV Info link.

    Then copy the Web DAV URL data that is supplied via the “My WebCT” page.

  1. It might be helpful to paste the URL into a simple text document for later reference.

For the final steps:

Refer to this link for final steps