HIST 2111

United States History to 1865

Course description:

HIST 2111 offers an introductory survey of American history from the colonial period to the end of the Civil War.  Students who take this course will not only fulfill a core curriculum requirement, but will also gain an understanding of the major political, social, and cultural trends that shaped early American society.  The writing assignments and critical analysis required in this course will help students develop critical thinking and communication skills that will be useful assets in any career field.  Nearly every major American university offers a course similar to HIST 2111, so credits from this course will likely transfer to many universities throughout Georgia and the United States.



HIST 2111 Syllabus


Exam Study Guides

Study Guide for Final Exam (July 28)

Study Guide for Midterm Exam (July 14)


Additional Handouts

Guidelines for the Book Analysis Assignment

Guidelines for Citations

How to Avoid Inadvertent Plagiarism



Professor's email: dkw@westga.edu