Mr. McMahand


English Composition


Peer Critique: Nonfiction Analysis


Read the studentís paper carefully.Make your notes orderly, complete, and genuinely responsive to the studentís writing.When you find a problem, do not hesitate to jot it down, and when needed, you should offer a solution.You will hand this critique to your peer who will then turn it in with the rough and final drafts of the essay.


I.      Introduction


Note ways to improve all necessary elements including:


         attention-grabber (optional)

         clear expectations

         mention of the essay title and authorís name

         thesis statement that suggests an argumentative engagement with ideas


II.   BodyóSummary and Analysis


         Does the writer use a smooth transition between the introduction and the body?

         Is there too much summary?Where can the writer prune back discussion about the source text?Is the summary editorialized, opinionated?Offer cuts and changes.

         Read the essay again.Examine the topic sentences.Do they relate back to the thesis?Do the topic sentences properly set up the ideas explored in the paragraph? Do the paragraphs hold together well?Where do they need stronger transitional words and phrases?Are the sentence constructions weak, too similar?

         Does the writer define terms that you think need defining?Could the writer explain some point better?

         Does the writer offer useful, convincing examples, anecdotes, and facts to substantiate his or her claims?

         Is the body too short?Too long?Is it repetitive?Do some paragraphs need repositioning in order to improve transitions between topics?

         Note other concerns that you find.





Note ways to improve the following:


         Restatement of thesis and major ideas using different words

         Call for further discussion, research, or prediction regarding subject†††††