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Welcome to UWG's eCore Advisement Center

eCore are online core courses that are provided through a state-wide collaborative program. eCore courses are taught entirely online, except for the occasional proctored exam. Courses satisfy the basic core curriculum requirements at any University System of Georgia institution.



eCore Tuition

The tuition for eCore is $189 per credit hour; a three-credit hour course is $567.This tuition rate is the same for either Georgia resident and non-resident students. Additional expenses include textbooks, course materials, and test proctoring charges. Students do not pay activity or technology fees unless they register for both eCore and traditional on-campus classes within the same semester.

Most other undergrad course costs are based on a sliding scale, depending on how many hours you take. Sometimes it's less expensive to take eCore courses - sometimes it's more; this all depends on how many total credit hours someone takes and whether a student takes only eCore or a mix. For example, if a student takes only eCore course then they do not pay many of the student services fees and that is a big savings.

ALWAYS check the Registrar's current edition of The SCOOP for up-to-date cost information.

If you take eCore classes in addition to traditional on-campus classes:

Students who take both eCore and on-campus courses will pay the on-campus rate for the on-campus courses PLUS the eCore rate for the eCore courses. In addition, theses students will need to pay the mandatory institutional fees. For example, if you take 12 hours on-campus
and one 3 hour eCore course, you will have to pay the tuition rate for 12 hours on-campus, PLUS the eCore tuition rate for 3 credit hours. You will also have to pay the mandatory institutional fees associated with the on-campus courses.

Technology fee:
Students who take eCore courses along with on-campus courses are assessed a $50 fee.
Students who ONLY take eCore courses are NOT charged the tech fee.

On-campus courses carry a lot more fees. For complete cost info see:

The bottom line is READ YOUR BILL!!!! (Login to myUWG/Banweb to view your class schedule and bill, etc)

There are all kinds of exceptions to fees and per credit hour charges- always see the Registrar's current edition of SCOOP for cost information: THE SCOOP.

Costs can vary from semester to semester! Students are responsible for reading their bills and seeking clarification/resolving issues before the drop/add period is over.


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