Composition I

 Section X    Fall 2002


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NOTE: You must earn a letter grade of C or better in order to go on to English 1102.

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While this syllabus is carefully planned, it may be modified at any time in response to the needs and interests of the class, and it is quite likely to be augmented with additional links and further details of daily class activities.  Although you should have all readings prepared exactly as described (i.e., completed before the class is scheduled to discuss them), you should also be ready to make careful note of any changes the professor may make in response to the needs and progress of the group.  It is your responsibility to be prepared by checking the online syllabus regularly and, should you have to miss a class, by calling one of your colleagues to catch up on the discussion and to ascertain that no schedule changes have been made in your absence. Class  policies, etc., are guaranteed not to change.


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Thurs. Aug 15  

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All grades will be posted on Banweb at the conclusion of the course.

Instructors will not give out individual grades by telephone.