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The Director of First-Year Writing is Prof. Brandy Robinson (brobinso@westga.edu).

Out-of-Class Writing Assessment

C         To earn a “C” on an essay, a student must
1.      Respond to the constraints of the assignment.
            2.      a.   Focus on the topic.
                  b.      Order the parts logically.
                  c.       Develop the parts with sufficient detail.
                  d.      Divide the whole into logical paragraphs.
                  e.       Develop one clear assertion in each paragraph.
            3.      Provide a clear thesis.
            4.      Have a beginning, middle, and end.
            5.      Provide enough elaboration with appropriate examples and analysis to make the intent   
            6.      Have sufficient control of standard written English that errors, including grammar,
                  punctuation, and spelling, if present, do not cause serious confusion.

B         To earn a “B” on an essay, a student must do 1 and 2 above and

7.      Provide strong opening and closing paragraphs, with a clear purpose and a sophisticated
            8.      Recognize complexities and show evidence of serious consideration of the topic.
            9.      Support most points with appropriate, well-analyzed examples and intelligent arguments.
            10.  Show clear logical development and organization throughout.
            11.  Have few errors.  If present, they must not interfere with communication.

A         To earn an “A” on an essay, a student must do 1, 2, 7, and 8 above and

12.  Support all points with appropriate, fully analyzed examples and compelling, insightful
            13.  Show persuasive logical development and organization throughout.
            14.  Maintain a distinctive voice and consistent viewpoint.
            15.  Have interesting, varied, logical sentences.
            16.  Have nearly error-free writing.

D         A “D” grade results from

           -Failing to clearly respond to the assignment, or
           -A lack of qualities listed in 2 and 3 above, or
           -Errors which cause substantial confusion or incoherence.

F          An “F” grade results from

-Two or more of the faults listed in “D” above.

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