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Awards Day Award Recipients

Undergrad Conference Participants

Alumni Update: Matt Sherling


Course Descriptions

Spring 2011

Awards Day: Recognizing Excellence

Our 2010 Annual awards program was held on March 31 in Z-6.
Please join us in congratulating this year's award recipients.

Most Outstanding
English Minors

Most Outstanding
English Education Majors
Most Promising New English Majors Most Outstanding
Film Studies Minor

Creative Writing:
Alix Carnes

Anna Potter
(not pictured)

Anna Davison

Heather McCondichie

Ethan Davenport

Morgan Mileham

Terence Rushin

Most Outstanding
Graduate Student

Dr. James W. Mathews Distinguished Endowed English Scholarship for Graduate Studies

James Mathews Prize
for Best Graduate
Student Essay

George W. Walker
English Scholarship

Jessica Anderson

Anna Byrnes

Rod McRae

Mathew Liner
(not pictured: Joshua Black, Samantha Godwin)

Mary Anne (Sugar) Wilson Goreau
DeVillier Memorial Scholarshp

Willie Maude Thompson
English Scholarship

Recognition of COAS Student Professional Development Grants

Kimily Willingham
Service Award

Duane Theobald

Caitlin Dobson
(not pictured: Sumner Gann, Nathan Keener)

Lisa Cunningham
(not pictured: Joshua Black, Alice Barker)

Shelley Decker

Insight Award: Seniors

Insight Award: Juniors

Ashley Warner
(not pictured: Caroline Morris,
Savannah Smith)

Kaleigh Tharpe, Kate Gervais, Ben Sasser

Robert L. Snyder Award for Best Contributions to the Senior Seminar

Jane B. Hill Award for First Year Writing

Ben W. Griffith
Fiction Prize

Best Nominating Letter for Robert Reynolds Award

Pauline Rodwell

Alix Carnes
(not pictured: Madeline Smith,Stephanie Urich, Todd Ollis)

Anna Killmeier

Scott Wilson

Christine Fonville

Ashley Warner

Kay Magenheimer
Poetry Prize
Marion L. Fisher Award

Jennifer Rivers

Kaleigh Pandolfi

Creative Nonfiction Prize
Gordon Watson Award

Kendall Pope

Jimmy Worthy
and Katy Gunn

David Bottoms Distinguished
Alumnus Award

Martha Saunders Excellence in Teaching First-Year Writing Award
Robert Reynolds Excellence in Teaching English Award

Neal Lester

Dr. Lisa Propst

Dr. Stacy Boyd

Sigma Tau Delta Inductees

Kimberly Smith, Savannah Smith, Ashley Dycus, Brittany Reid,
Laurel Kriigel, Holly Irwin, Anna L. Davison

Recognition of Presentations and Publications

Kendall Pope, Kate Peterson, Mary Kay McBrayer, Josh Sewell, Kirsten Geter, Trista Edwards, Alix Carnes, Sumner Gann, Dustin Ledford, Sarah Hendricks, Rich Collins, Jimmy Worthy, Colleen Donnelly, Matt Liner, Samantha Godwin, Kaleigh Pandolphi, Lisa Cunningham, Jessica Anderson, James Phillips, Matt Sherling, Dave Stahl

All photos by Steven Broome.