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Spring 2008



Lisa Crafton Named Outstanding Teacher

The College of Arts and Sciences has chosen Dr. Lisa Crafton for this year’s Arts and Science’s Outstanding Teaching Award. Dr. Crafton’s innovative implementation of her own research into her classroom caught the eye of the committee and thus garnered her this achievement award.

Having teachers inspired enough to infuse their teaching with research they personally are invested in leads to more dynamic classroom discussions and academic benefits for students. Some faculty have apprehensions about deploying their research into their classes. They feel there is a distinct line between scholarship and teaching. For Dr. Crafton, who subscribes to the philosophy of Seamus Heaney when it comes to teaching, the only conflict comes in lack of preparation. “Heaney said teachers are like athletes. You have to stay on your toes,” said Dr. Crafton. She believes that being prepared for a class is the most important aspect of teaching. “I would never expect a teacher to bring in their own research if that work has not been fully realized,” she stated. Dr. Crafton also enjoys the spontaneity of the classroom. Ideas flow in both directions, from students and from teachers, creating a dynamic environment conducive to higher education.

She has found using her research allows a more personal connection for the students to the literature. Indeed, any student of Dr. Crafton’s will attest to her passion for her subjects. We wish to congratulate Dr. Crafton for her diligence and pedagogical innovations.

--Bric Barker

  Snyder's “Surprise” Retirement Party

Rob Snyder was not too surprised when he arrived at what was supposed to be his surprise retirement party. Somehow, somewhere along the way, the secret got out. Nevertheless, on May 3, 2007, Rob’s friends, family, and colleagues gathered at Oak Lawn Farms to honor his 15-year service to the department and the university.

2007 Undergraduate Conference Presenters

Private Invasions: Women, Politics, and Revolution in Victorian England Chair: Diana Sullivan

Donyetta Grimes The Threat of a Romantic France: The Rejection of French Novels and Romanticism in Brandon’s Lady Audley’s Secret
Eve Fletcher Victorian Beauty: Representations of Worth and Consequences
Cassandra Lewis Women’s Power in Robert Browning’s Porphyria’s Lover and My Last Duchess

Females in Fiction Chair: Kyle Crews

Rebecca Hansen Gender Roles in Harry Potter: Building Strong Female Characters
Cara Welch Sarcasm: A Valuable Tool
Melanie Beal The Genre of Fairytales: Results of the Objectification of the Female Body

FYW Shared Texts: Gender, Race, and Existentialism Chair: Jessica Wise

Yaeju Bin Woman [woo m-uh n] - noun- an open and fluid human being: Gender-Specific Cultural Expectations for Women in Flyover States
Natalie Brooks
The Existentialism of Grad School
Porshae Mcclure Race and Consumer Prejudice
Valerian Bowie Methods of Self-Expression in Flyover States
Aaron Gall Frederick Douglass and Malcolm X: Conviction of Literacy’s Empowerment in Spike Lee's Malcolm X
Aaron Coulter Behind the Curtain

Creative Writing: Poetry Chair: Amy Ellison

Sarah Mathias On Writing, 3 Poems
Jonette Larrew On Writing, 3 Poems
Nick McRae On Writing, 3 Poems

Constraint and Liberation: The Struggle for Female Identity Chair: Deb Brons

Kate Peterson Prison and Patriarchy
Kendra Parker Cutting it Close: Beneatha’s Close Cropped Hair Chop as a Catalyst for Socio-cultural Constraint

Hoodwinked: Understanding the Tricksters of Literature Chair: Phil Purser

Lauren Lovvorn Resurrecting Burials: Liquid Identities of the Phantom of the Opera
Amanda Stevens The Root of Evil: Uncovering the Witch Trickster in Literary History


Heather Lyda Crouching Moody, Cyborg Trickster: An Eye on Technology In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
James Phillips Deconstructing Moral Binaries: Loki as Creative Destroyer

Fiction is a Harsh Mistress: Understanding the Tricksters of Literature Chair: Phil Purser

Chelsea Austin "Pet"
Jake Vickers "H-17 Silence"
Kay Self "Granny Bess"

The Women of Ann Beattie Chair: Deb Brons

Kim Allred Clipped Wings: The role of the Mother in the Fiction of Ann Beattie
Louise Chabot The Women of Ann Beattie’s World: Feminism and Happiness in Contemporary America

Nostalgia: A Diagnostic of Young Adult Literature Chair: Phil Purser

Rachel Dunn Divorce in Gary Paulsen’s Hatchet
Robin Worley Culture and A Parrot in the Oven
David Ellis Loss and “Disturbing the Universe:” An Analysis of The Chocolate War

Negotiations and Performances: Representations of Race in American Literature Chair: Diana Sullivan

Michael Brown The Epic of Rutherford: Cultural Amalgamation of African America in Charles Johnson’s Middle Passage
Valerie Yearta Pilate’s Quilt: Preservation of African American Culture in Toni Morrison’s Song of Solomon
Matt Sherling The Search for Internal Identity in Rule of the Bone
Marquita Elder
Adoption, Adaptation, and the Paternal Lens in Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man and Rule of the Bone

FYW Shared Texts: Breaking Codes and Chasing Rabbits Chair: Jessica Wise

Chris Woods Challenging Romantic Codes: Hurston’s Seraph on the Suwanee
Forrest Swatman Nafisi in Wonderland
Shawn Ridlen What the “Apple Virus Ad” is Really Trying to Say
Kristen Powers Magda is an All-knowing God
Timothy Forrest Unlocking the Door: An Analysis of Housekeeping
Paul Roosa The Mockery of Manners