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Spring 2008



New Professor in English Education


New Faculty and Staff

Dr. Angela Insenga, who has been working as a Limited-Term Professor in our department for the last couple of years, was recently named the new Assistant Professor of English Education.

Dr. Insenga received her Master's at Clemson and doctoral degree at Auburn University.  Her dissertation, Looking Together United Them:  The Party at Play in Virginia Woolf's Canon, focuses on the the development of a "party consciousness" in Woolf's texts that works to elevate the status of the hostess to from docile body to active, public interlocutor.  Her current projects include the incorporation of film study in composition classrooms at both the secondary and collegiate level and a manuscript tentatively entitled "Forced Attachments:  Southernness Enacted and Enforced in Paper Clips."

Join us in welcoming Dr. Insenga in this new role.


Part-Time Instrucors

Enithie Hunter, Ed.S., Jacksonville St. Univ.
Marian Muldrow, M.Ed., Univ. of West Georgia
Amy Pence, M.F.A., Univ. of Arizona


Bric Barker, M.A., Univ. of West Georgia
Amy Riley, M.A., Univ. of West Georgia

Limited-Term Professors

Alan Clinton, Ph.D., Univ. of Florida
Paul Guest, M.F.A., Southern Illinois Univ.-Carbondale
Melanie Jordan, Ph.D., Univ. of Houston
Brooke Parks, M.F.A., Univ. of Alabama
Lisa Propst, Ph.D., Univ. of Oxford


Christina Hogan, M.A., Univ. of West Georgia
Jonette Larrew, B.A., University of West Georgia


Lori Lipoma got an article ("Deconstructing the Devil: Satan Comedy in Mark Twain’s Letters From the Earth and Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s South Park" published in the journal, Studies in American Humor. It's in volume 3, no 15.

Phillip Mitchell’s story, "House of God," will be published in the November/December issue of Muscadine Lines: A Southern Journal.

Alan Clinton has been invited to give a keynote lecture this Fall for the Science, Technology, and Society research cluster at the National University of Singapore. NUS is the second ranked university on the Pacific Rim and 19th ranked in the world. His topic will be, "A History of the Object Since World War II."

Rebecca Harrison received her Ph.D. from Georgia State in May.Stacy Boyd has completed his Ph.D. requirements and will receive his degree in December. Chad Davidson's second book of poems, Last Predicta, has been accepted at Southern Illinois Press.


David Newton has received a contract to edit unpublished Simms manuscripts.

Patrick Erben just returned from a final research trip to Germany before submitting his book manuscript to the publisher in December.

Katie Chaple has been selected for a poetry fellowship at Georgia Tech.

Book Proposals/Manuscripts under submission: Lisa Crafton, Chad Davidson and Greg Fraser, Josh Masters, Barbara Brickman, Micheal Crafton.

Alison Umminger's second book (with Dana Johnson) is currently being edited for 2008 publication.

Margaret Mitchell's fourth story of the year, "Parties," was accepted by the Southern Indiana Review; it will appear in 2008.

Stacey Morin and her husband, Charles, welcomed their first daughter, Audrey Grace Morin, on May 21.