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Spring 2009

Department Welcomes Dr. Randy Hendricks as Interim Department Chair

Last month, Don Rice, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, announced the appointment of Dr. Randy Hendricks, Professor of English, as interim chair of the Department of English and Philosophy.

Professor Hendricks is no stranger to the English department or to the University of West Georgia. He initially came to West Georgia College as an Instructor of English in 1987. He is now entering his 21st year as a faculty member in the department.

A native of Tennessee, Professor Hendricks received his B.S. degree in English Education from the University of Tennessee. After teaching high school English for three years, he returned to the University of Tennessee where he received his M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in English.

Professor Hendricks is a nationally recognized scholar in the field of Southern literature. His research has focused extensively on twentieth-century Southern writer Robert Penn Warren.


His publications include a book-length study of Warren entitled “Lonelier than God”: Robert Penn Warren and the Southern Exile (University of Georgia Press, 2000) and the Selected Letters of Robert Penn Warren (LSU Press). His scholarship is complimented by his work as a poet and fiction writer. His collection of short stories The Twelfth Year and Other Times, published by Mercer University Press, was nominated for the Georgia Author of the Year Award in Short Fiction in 2003.

Professor Hendricks brings a wealth of administrative experience to his service as interim department chair. Previously at West Georgia, he has served as Associate Chair of the English Department (1997-2001) and as Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs (2001-2002). He has also worked on university matters related to English Education through his leadership on the Teacher Education Advisory Committee (TEAC).

Please join us in welcoming Professor Hendricks as our new interim department chair. He is committed to continuing the traditions of academic excellence and student-oriented education that are the hallmarks of our department.

2008 Undergraduate Conference Presenters

Constructing Culture: Language and the (Re)Creation of our Self-hood and Surroundings
Chair: Heather King
Stephanie Kuzy
India-Mania: A Representation of Fashion in Modern American Women
Jennifer Rivers Cutting Speech: Castrating Tom Buchannan with Spoken Language in The Great Gatsby
Stephanie Shon TAG Body Spray: Irresistible, or Is It?
Kaleigh Thorpe Comfortably Convenient: The Vans’ Checkerboard Slip-On in Contemporary American Culture

In The Margins: Coolness and the Academy
Chair: Deb Brons

Aaron Robertson Man or Shade: Sanctioning the Body in Dante’s Inferno
Brittany Presley Left-Handedness as a Socially Constructed Freakery
Matt Sherling Becoming Jack, not Tyler
Denise Slavinski 19th-Century Play-Doh: Resisting and Restructuring the Marriage Plot

The Inter-textuality of Philosophy and Ethics
Chair: Josh Grant

Charles Bauch Virtue Ethics and Capitalist Power
Jeffrey Peterson A Hatred of Hegemony in First Indian on the Moon

Myth, The Body, And the World
Chair: Jesse Bishop

Jessica McMillian The “Fair Street” and “Livid Marsh”: The Punitive and Protective River’s of Dante’s Inferno
Samantha Godwin The Heroic Beggar: Breaking Heroic Archetypes in Homer’s The Odyssey
Sumner Gann Possessed By the Spirit: The Body as Archive in Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart
Rich Collins Effeminate Deferral: The Fears of Greek Patriarchy in The Odyssey

Creative Writing: Poetry
Chair: Amy Ellison

Melissa Stubbs Selected Poems
Brittany Presley Selected Poems
Ari Siesser Treatment of Societal Norms in Greg Fraser’s Poetry

Dr Hipchen’s Creative Non-Fiction Panel:
The Longer Works

Chair: April Oglesbee

Kendall Pope Chicky the Coward
Kate Peterson Women’s Issues

First Year Writing: Poetry
Chair: Amy Ellison

Melanie Brooks What Is Sexy?
Cameron Smith The Transformation of Figurative Art to Images for the Reader
Brian Crews A Real Poet: The Disassembly of Signification in Frank O’ Hara’s “Why I Am Not A Painter"

Gender, Sexuality, and the Female
Chair: Jessica Wise

Laura Fletcher Intersectionality in Black Women’s Autobiography: Mary Church Terrell
Savannah Smith A Handmaid in the Hot Seat: The Novel’s Pensive Prisoner vs. the Film’s Heavy Petting Protestor
Megan Payne Do I Know You?: Relationships and Grotesque Modernism in Virginia Woolf’s To the Lighthouse
Brandy Nickels Beyond the Facade: The Role of Beauty in Veronica

English Witch Plays: Supernatural Women
and How to Handle Them

Chair: April Oglesbee

Lisa Cunninghams The Truly Crazy Woman in the Witch: Francisca as a Perversion of Traditional Female Values
Shelley Decker The Portrayal of Midwives in The Witch and Macbeth
Lisa Cunningham Witches: Party Crashers of the Early Feasts

First Year Writing: Poetry
Chair: Amy Ellison

Elaine Pham The Struggle for Internal Peace
Victor Bailey Emotional Masquerade
Michelle Wolfgang Truth of Nature

First Year Writing: Making Connections
Chair: Jessica Wise

Emily Denaris Control of Fate
Leslie Mack The Answer My Friend: Implications of Dust in “Where is Waldo? ‘Gold Rush’” Illustration
Stephanie Martin In Mold and War: The Sculpting of Life after Trauma in Jonathan Saffron Foer’s Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
Jordan Weathers Nature and Gender in Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds

Comedic Representations of Satan in American Literature and Contemporary Culture
Chair: Amelia Lewis
Bill Chesser
Trouble in the Garden of Good and Evil
Pam Murphy
Constructing Eden: Morals and Motive in M Night Shyamalan’s The Village
Stephanie Urich The Many Faces of Evil: Exploring Concepts of Good and Evil in Constantine and Dogma


Philosophy of Religion
Chair: Josh Grant

Timothy Wright The Sacred Whore
Shelley Donaldson A Reformed View of Natural Philosophy
Phil Brewer Waking Ned Divine

Paul Guest Creative Non-Fiction Panel
Chair: Ben Brown

Caroline Morris Thank you For Choosing Martin’s How May I Help You?
Phillip Evans The Six Fifty-Fivers
Jeffrey Peterson Untitled Until Comprehended
David Langley Perhaps It Was Coffee Cake, as it was Very Bitter

The End (Mis)Interpreted: Morality, Community, and the Literary Apocalypse
Chair: Amelia Lewis

Marquita Elder “Go On My Son”: The Diasporic Apocalypse and the Creation of Community in Zadie Smith’s White Teeth
David Ellis Death, Absurd Revolt, and Violence: Apocalyptic Elements in Cat’s Cradle and The Plague and the Revelation of Communal Violence
Samantha Fowler The Problematic Glorification of Science in Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-Five

Dr. Hipchen’s Creative Non-Fiction: Shorter Works Chair:April Oglesbee
Ashley Burne Playing the Role
Kay McBrayer Empty Mary
Brandy Nickels Turkey Neck Bend
Savannah Smith Bipolar Bear Club

Creative Fiction
Chair: Ben Brown

Jessica Barrett Reason For Living
Mary Kay McBrayer Question Marks
Laura Parkhouse Contraceptives
John Underwood Blacktop Buckner

Race Matters
Chair: Jesse Bishop

Jimmy Worthy An Identity’s Evolution
Kendra Parker The Hazardous Business of Passing
Jeanelle Turner Father Abandonment
Danielle Davidson Soul Colors: James Weldon Johnson’s Ex-Colored Man and the Guilty Pleasure of Culture

Philosophy of Existentialism
Chair: Josh Grant

Timothy Wright A Consciousness of Being Perfectly at One
Anna Potter The Whole Nine Yards; or, How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Existentialists
Phil Brewer Unmasking the Underground Man

FYW: Self and Circularity in the Shared Texts Chair:Jessica Wise
Michael Obermeyer The Healing Prowess of Nature in Ron Rash’s The World Made Straight
Amanda Shoemake Character Identity
Chabrina Derrico I Don't Want to be Just Like Daddy

Pastoral Revisions in William Faulkner’s Absalom, Absalom!
Chair: Bric Barker

Natalie Herbert Nature vs. Civilization in Gaining a Sense of Self
Initia Von Tonder Thomas Sutpen: Humanity’s Inversion of Nature
Jane Drammeh Sins of Our Fathers in Absalom, Absalom!
Lisa Cunningham Narrative Unreliability in Faulkner’s Absalom, Absalom!

Monsters, Censors, and Authorship (Dr Brickman’s Film As Literature Panel)
Chair: Amelia Lewis

Caroline Morris The South’s Gonna Do It Again: Southern Gothicism in Black Snake Moan
Megan Payne I Know You Are But What Am I?: The Monstrous Sexual Sameness of Frank and Janet in The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Inger Harber Over the Shoulder: How Hitchcock Got Around Censorship
Larry Peel Faithful

Race, Place and Geography of Identity in Flannery O’Connor’s Short Fiction
Chair: Deb Brons

Melissa King “Through His Own Reflections”: Understanding Grace Through Excremental Images in Flannery O’ Connor’s “The Artifical Nigger”
Ashley Maddox Converging Too Late in Flannery O’ Connor’s “Greenleaf”
Pauline Rodwell Divide and Conquer: Dueling Psyches in “A Good Man Is Hard to Find”