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Hill Returns to Classroom

Hendricks Named Interim Chair

2008 Undergraduate Conference Presenters

Awards Day Award Recipients

Toto Pulls the Curtain on Dr. Donohoe

Kendra Parker Blog Update

Finding a Career Took Me an Around the World Journey

Ever Considered Teaching Abroad?

McRae Selected to Attend Prestigious Seminar for Poets

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Spring 2009

Awards Day: Recognizing Excellence

Our annual awards program was held April 2, 2008 in the Campus Center Ballroom. Drs. Josh Masters and Margaret Mitchell served as MCs. Congratulations to all of this year's award recipients.

Gordon Watson Award

Kay Magenheimer
Poetry Prize

James Mathews Prize for Graduate Research

Kimily Willingham
Service Award

Kate Peterson

Katy Gunn

Amy Ellison

Jade Kierbow

Most Outstanding
English Minors

Most Outstanding
English Majors

Most Promising New English Majors

Most Outstanding Graduate Students

Amanda Graham

Gazelle Moharari

Samantha Fowler

Elisabeth Lovelace

Nathan Keener

Aaron Robertson

Kyle Crews

Amy Ellison

Insight Awards, Seniors

Insight Awards, Juniors

The Robert L. Snyder Award for Contributions to the Senior Seminar

Willie Maude Thompson English Scholarships

Shelley Decker

Matt Sherling

Brandi Graves
(picture not available)

Lisa Cunningham

Danielle Davidson

Shelley Decker

Marquita Elder

Holly Holder, Eve Fletcher (pictures not available)

Nick McRae

John Underwood

Mary Anne (Sugar) Wilson Goreau DeVillier Memorial Scholarships

George W. Walker
English Scholarships

Best Nominating Letter for Reynolds Teaching Award

Robert Reynolds Excellence in Teaching English Award

Pauline Rodwell

Stephanie Urich
(picture not available)

Jennifer Ly

Megan Payne
(picture not available)

Kate Peterson

Dr. Patrick Erben

David Bottoms Distinguished
Alumnus Award

Martha Saunders Excellence in Teaching First-Year Writing Award

Sigma Tau Delta Inductees

Ben W. Griffith
Fiction Prize

Dr. Lisa Crafton

Prof. Jane McClain

Emily Adams, Ashley Burse, Lisa Cunningham, Danielle Davidson, Shelley Decker, Trista Edwards, Walter Elmore, Lindsey Fleming, Elizabeth Flowers, Samantha Fowler, Abbey Frasier, Melissa King, Stephanie Lanier, Jennifer Ly, Kendra Parker, Kate Peterson, Brittany Presley, Pauline Rodwell, John Underwood


Ben Brown
(picture not available)

Creative Nonfiction Prize

Kendall Pope
(picture not available)

All photos by Steven Broome except for the following stock photos:
Jade Kierbow, Nick McRae, Patrick Erben